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FACT CHECK: Did IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari Resign?

post Shared by X Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari has resigned.

Verdict: False

Mr. Hagari has not resigned. Initial reports did not mention that Hagari had resigned.

Fact check:

Social media users are sharing claims that Hagari has resigned from the IDF. One user wrote, “Israel's terrorism spokesman Daniel Hagari resigned. Not because too many Palestinian civilians were being killed, but because not enough were being killed for his liking.”

If Hagari had resigned, reliable media would have reported it. no one has. Check Your Fact found the following reports channel 14 It said several officials, including the deputy commander, resigned from the IDF's spokesperson corps. Hagari himself does not claim to have resigned.

This claim probably comes from a report on Al Jazeera, possibly citing a Channel 14 article. Al Jazeera later retracted this report in a March 4 report. Tweet.

“Retracted: April 3, 2024: The update originally cited Israeli media reports that said senior members of the Israeli military press corps, including senior spokesperson Daniel Hagari, had resigned. That was false. The Israeli military has since denied it as “false”. Therefore, we have withdrawn it,” the tweet reads.

jerusalem post report It was no shock that most of the senior officials left the IDF Spokesperson Corps. An IDF official told the media:[b]We will not be fooled by this report because we know the truth. ”

IDF recently posted Hagari's speech on March 5th. (Related: Did Pope Francis say Jesus was born during King David's census?)

Check Your Fact has reached out to the IDF for comment and will update this article if we receive a response.

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