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FACT CHECK: Did The Wagner Rebellion Not Kill Any Russian Military Personnel?

Russian Ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kerin, said in a speech: August 4th interview No military personnel died during the Wagner Group uprising.

Verdict: False

At least 13 Russian soldiers died in the mutiny, according to multiple sources. The Wagner Group shot down several aircraft during the brief mutiny.

Fact check:

Kellin sat down with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour to discuss the Ukraine attack and other topics. During the interview, Amanpour and Kellyn went back and forth about the short-lived Wagner Group uprising. During the discussion, Mr. Kellin denied that a Russian soldier had died.

from transcript:

Kellin: An investigation is ongoing. But in fact, what happened when these troops went to Rostov – no one was one has
— No damage at all. And it was just — in my understanding, it was just — one of them also said he was too good. And they say it was something –

Amanpour: But you know that Russian soldiers died in this war.

Kellin: I don’t remember this information at all. no, no one died. (Emphasis added by “check the facts”.)

Amanpour: Okay. Well, a Russian soldier was reported dead. Putin also said this was an act of treason.

However, this claim appears to be false. The Russian Defense Ministry has not acknowledged any losses, but said open source information indicated that six helicopters and one transport plane had been shot down by Wagner. Jane’s. Pro-Russian telegram channels such as Liver and Fighter Bomber estimated that between 13 and 20 Russian military personnel were killed, Ukraiska Pravda reported. report.

“Check the facts,” said Mason Clarke, Russia director of the Institute for War Studies, who said, “13 personnel died on the day of the investigation,” pointing to ISW’s June 24. Campaign evaluation The report revealed that seven helicopters and one transport plane had been shot down.

“I haven’t tracked whether the exact numbers have changed, so it’s not worth diving into, but it’s 100% wrong to say there were no deaths,” Clark said.

Wagner Group leader Evgeny Prigozhin also reportedly claimed that two Russian defectors had died during the uprising. Novaya Gazeta Europe. (Related: Pentagon claims US last used cluster bombs in 2003)

Check Your Fact has reached out to the Russian Embassy in the UK for comment.

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