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FACT CHECK: No, China Did Not Sink A U.S. Coast Guard Ship In The South China Sea

video shared on youtube A Chinese warship sank a US Coast Guard ship in the South China Sea.

Verdict: False

There is no evidence for this claim.

Fact check:

The Philippines and China are reportedly at odds over a Philippine naval vessel that ran aground at No. 2 Thomas Shoal. Reuters. The Philippines has accused the Chinese Coast Guard of blocking a supply ship, the newspaper said.

Citing a Reuters report, social media users shared a YouTube video claiming a Chinese warship attacked and destroyed a US Coast Guard ship in the South China Sea. The video’s caption reads, “War begins!” A Chinese warship destroys the US Coast Guard in the South China Sea. “

However, this claim lacks evidence. If a Chinese warship had attacked the US Coast Guard in the South China Sea, the media would have reported it, but no one did.Neither us coast guard, Department of Defense too Department of Homeland Security issued a statement on the alleged attacks in the South China Sea.

The alleged Reuters report was not published Reuters communication Not even under Kirsty Needham author page.a Broader internet search No results were obtained for the alleged Reuters report. The USCGS Munro mentioned in the video was not near the South China Sea. Came back During a patrol near the Bering Sea in March 2023. (Related: Nikki Haley claims China has world’s largest navy)

Rappler is expose the error this claim. The US Coast Guard ship Stratton sailed through the Taiwan Strait in June 2023, according to reports. Associated Press.

Check Your Fact has reached out to Reuters and the Coast Guard for comment and will update this article when we receive a response.

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