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FACT CHECK: No, Disney World Is Not Adding Urinals To Women’s Restrooms

video shared on Instagram Disney World claims to have urinals installed in women's restrooms at its parks.

Verdict: False

That claim is inaccurate. Originally posted by a site that regularly posts satire about Disney World.

Fact check:

According to , Disney has announced ticket prices for 2025, with slight price increases starting in 2024. CNN. Some tickets have increased in price by as much as $10, including a weekday ticket to Animal Kingdom in late August that went from $109 in 2024 to $119 in 2025.

An Instagram post claims Disney World is installing urinals in women's restrooms throughout the park. The video shows footage of various locations around the Disney World parks as a narrator speaks.

“Disney World is adding urinals to the women's restrooms,” the narrator says. “This is an effort by Disney to be more inclusive. They want to make people feel more comfortable in the bathroom.” He continued, saying that lines could get longer. , said people were concerned about the choice to replace stalls with urinals.

However, this claim is inaccurate.not here Trustworthy reporting Regarding the alleged changes. (Related: No, Disney World does not offer free admission to Black people during Black History Month)

This claim was originally posted mousetrap news. Our site'sabout'' page says, “Mouse Trap News is the world's premier satire and parody site. We write fake stories about the Disney Parks. From Disney Park announcements to Disney hotel and resort news to fabricated stories. As far as the Disney partnership, I can guarantee you that nothing you read here is true, real or accurate, but it's fun.”

Check Your Fact has reached out to a Disney spokesperson for comment and will update this article if we receive comment.

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