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FACT CHECK: Threads Post Shows Two Different Men, Not Before And After Photos Of Same Palestinian Prisoner

post Share in thread They claim to be releasing before and after photos of Badr Dahlan, a 29-year-old Palestinian man who was allegedly tortured by Israeli soldiers.

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Verdict: Misleading

The photos show Qusay Salem, a car driver killed in an Israeli airstrike, and Dahlan, a Palestinian man who was held in Israeli custody for a month.

Fact check:

The Pentagon is reportedly “moving U.S. military assets closer to Israel and Lebanon” amid “escalating” fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. NBC NewsThe outlet reported that the USS Wasp had traveled to the Mediterranean to support a possible “militarily assisted withdrawal.”

A post in the thread, which had over 200 likes at the time of writing, reportedly features before and after photos of Dahlan, who was allegedly tortured by Israeli soldiers. “This is Badr Dahlan, a 29-year-old Palestinian man. He was once a vibrant, beloved member of his community. This is who he is now, having endured the trauma of abduction, torture and brutality at the hands of Israeli soldiers,” the post's caption reads.

The post included two photos, one of a young man wearing a light grey hat and a dark hoodie, and the other of a young man with short hair, facial scars and wearing a T-shirt.

This claim is misleading: the man in the first photo is Mr Salem. Instagram post from January 7thThe post, shared by Salem's cousin Hosam, said Qusay was the driver of a car “killed by Israeli occupation forces.” Instagram post from January 11th In the photo shared by Hosam, Qusay can be seen wearing the same light grey hat and dark hoodie as in his Threads post.

Similarly, the photo in the second thread actually shows Dahlan. This photo shows Interview on June 22nd Dahlan detailed his month-long detention by Israeli forces to Al Jazeera, and can be seen at 1:19 in the video.

“Israel has detained thousands of Palestinian civilians since the start of its military operation in Gaza, including Badr Dahlan, who was released after a month in detention. Dahlan said he was tortured during his imprisonment,” the video's description reads.

Similarly, Check Your Fact Trusted news coverage To back up the claim, the opposite is true. June 27th, Reuters The media outlet reported that the posts in the thread were misleading. Past Reports but also Washington Post article It suggests that an Israeli airstrike killed two Palestinian journalists in Rafah and Salem, who was driving their car. (Related: Viral X image does not show Israeli settlers ripping apart Palestinian children)

This isn't the first time misleading claims have been circulating online: Check Your Fact previously debunked a video shared on X that purported to show the US Navy being deployed to respond to Russian warships.

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