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FACT CHECK: Video Claims To Show Man Arrested For Waving British Flag In Front Of Pro-Palestinian Protesters

video shared on facebook It claims to show a British man arrested for waving a Union Jack flag in front of pro-Palestinian protesters.

Verdict: Misleading

He was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offense and homophobic abuse, police said. Police said he was not arrested for waving the flag.

Fact check:

Social media users are sharing a video of a man arrested for waving a British flag in front of pro-Palestinian protesters.

“British man arrested for waving British flag. Police in Liverpool arrested a man on Monday for displaying his country's flag in front of a group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators waving the Palestinian flag,” one user wrote. .

However, this claim is misleading. According to reports on February 7, the 50-year-old man was arrested in Liverpool and released on bail. statement From Merseyside Police.

“The Liverpool Friends of Palestine group was marching through the city center and as the procession reached the intersection of Hanover Street and Church Street, a man shouted offensive words at the protesters. I screamed,” the statement said.

A police statement said: “There was speculation on social media that a man from Orell Park had been arrested on suspicion of displaying the Union Jack.” (Related: Video claiming Apache helicopter shot down by Hamas)

“This is false,” the statement said. “As a result of his verbal abuse, he was arrested on charges of racially aggravated public order offenses and homophobia.”

I could not confirm the facts search All news outlets reported that the man was arrested simply for waving a Union Jack. In November 2023, a man was charged in London after making racist remarks at a pro-Palestinian march, according to reports. BBC News.

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