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FACT CHECK: Video Claims To Show Trump’s Plane Flying Over DC After Debate

video Share with X It purports to show former President Donald Trump's plane flying over Washington, DC, after the June 27 debate.

Verdict: False

This video is from a simulator, not real.

Fact check:

The Philadelphia Inquirer's editorial board has reportedly called on Trump to leave the debate. Fox NewsAccording to the outlet, this comes after President Joe Biden came under increasing pressure from the media and other prominent figures to withdraw from the debate following his performance at the June 27 debate.

Social media users have been sharing footage of Trump flying over Washington DC following the June 27 debate. “Trump Force One flew low and fast near Washington DC after winning the debate,” one user wrote.

This claim is false. If Trump had flown over Washington as described in the video, the media would have reported it. Nobody has it.a A broader internet search This claim too produced no results.

Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact found that this video was posted on Tick ​​tock. account The person who originally posted the video said they were making the video in a digital combat simulator. Video game.

Iceman Fox 1 Donald Trump's private jet made an authorized low-altitude, high-speed flight over an airport near Washington, DC, following his debate victory. #Trump #united states of america #TrumpForceOne #president #Biden #election #discussion #army #president #itsnotrealfolksalldigital ♬ Original Sound – iceman_fox1

One of the hashtags in the video is “#itsnotrealfolksalldigital.” We assess the claim that this video shows Trump flying over Washington DC as FALSE. (Related: Video shows Netanyahu watching Hezbollah leader's speech)

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