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FACT CHECK: Video Showing Mark Robinson Talking About Women And Voting Is Taken Out Of Context

video Shared by X The Democratic National Committee (DNC) war room claims North Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson says he supports a time when women couldn't vote.

Verdict: Misleading

Robinson argued that the Republican Party had a responsibility for social change. In the same video, he also said he is a Republican because of the 19th Amendment.

Fact check:

Robinson, the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, has won the Republican nomination for governor, according to reports. new york times. The newspaper said he made inflammatory and controversial statements.

The DNC War Room shared a video with the caption, “Mark Robinson, Republican North Carolina gubernatorial candidate: I absolutely want to go back to an America where women couldn't vote.” (Related: Fact-checking President Trump's claims, he has been indicted more times than Al Capone)

However, this video was taken out of context. Robinson's full statement shows that he credited Republicans with social change and the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments.

His full quote is below:

“This stupid man got on stage with Candace Owens a few days ago and asked her, 'What kind of America are we going to make America great again?' “Women couldn't vote, black people hung on cheap trees?'' If I stood in front of him, I'd say, “I would absolutely love to go back to an America where women couldn't vote.'' Do you know why? Because at that time there were people fighting for real social change and they were called Republicans. And that's why women can vote today. ”

“I am a Republican because of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and the 19th Amendment,” he added. In his remarks, he credits the Republican Party with giving women the right to vote and passing post-Civil War amendments. Ended slavery, offered It demanded equal protection under the law and the right to vote. african american man.

This statement was picked up by Huffington Post and was originally published by heading “Mark Robinson: 'I would absolutely love to go back to an America where women couldn't vote'” was the subsequent headline. changed “Mark Robinson's bizarre rant: 'I would absolutely love to go back to an America where women couldn't vote'”

Other journalists pointed out that Robinson's comments were taken out of context.

CNN reporter Andy Kaczynski said on the X show that “the footage surrounding Mark Robinson” was “taken out of context.”

“Mark Robinson's video saying he wants to go back to a time when women couldn't vote is taken out of context. If you read the full quote, he was actually giving credit to the Republican Party for getting women the right to vote. He has such a long history of making inflammatory comments, so why would he take them out of context?'' Kaczynski wrote.

said Andrew Egger, Bulwark's White House correspondent. X “He's clearly not saying he thinks women should lose the right to vote.”

“Okay, look, Robinson actually said all these words in this order, but if you watch the clip, he *didn't* say he thought women should lose the vote. Mr. Egger made a too-cute argument that he wanted Republicans to see themselves as warriors for social change,” Mr. Egger tweeted.

Dispatch senior editor John McCormack also spoke about the video, saying: Tweet The “full quote” states that “Robinson credited women's suffrage to the Republican Party and said she was a Republican because the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote.” It shows.

Snopes also fact-checked Robinson's video.snoop report The clip was “misleading in that it lacked context,” and said Robinson's “all statements were not that he was opposed to women having the right to vote, but rather that he believed “It makes it clear that they are making a larger point about their role.” Republicans played in the aisle of 19th Amendment

“Please check the facts,” a spokesperson for Robinson's campaign said.[t]His partisan hit piece from Huffington Post is full of lies. ”

“Watch the speech. While running to be North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson spoke to a group of Republican women and highlighted the Republican Party’s accomplishments in leading the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave rights to women. “We need to vote to end Democrats' racist Jim Crow laws and more,” the spokesperson said.

He added: “Those who argue otherwise, instead of talking about the real issues of this election: growing the economy, strengthening our schools, and making our streets safer, are talking about Mark Robinson. They are just adding to the Democratic wordplay to smear them.”

Check Your Fact reached out to emails related to the DNC for comment. (Related: Mass IDF casualty claims lack evidence)

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