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FACT CHECK: Video Shows Child Shivering In Syria, Not Gaza

video Shared by X It is said to depict a child trembling in Gaza during the current Israeli-Hamas war.

Verdict: False

That claim is false. This video was originally shared on X in January 2024 by a social media user with relief efforts in Syria.

Fact check:

A United Nations report found “reasonable grounds to believe” that female hostages held by Hamas were being subjected to sexual violence, including sexual torture and gang rape. bbc news. Hamas denies sexual violence against women, the newspaper reported.

The X-video, which has been viewed more than 1,000 times, claims to show a shivering child in Gaza amid the current Israeli-Hamas war. In the video, the child appears to say he was standing outside because it was “cold inside.” On-screen English captions provide an overview of the conversation between the child and the off-camera adult.

However, this claim is Originally shared on January 2024 by X By social media users providing relief supplies to Syria.

“Everything is beautiful in winter, except for the refugees.” #SyriaChildren “Shivering in the bitter cold of the refugee camp,” the video's caption reads.

Another post Shared by X A photo posted by the same user in February 2024 shows children receiving relief items such as blankets, toys and food. Posts include photos and videos of children. (Related: Lloyd Austin claims 25,000 Palestinian women and children have been murdered as of February 29)

The post's caption reads: “We visited Amal a second time and provided her with a warm bed, blankets, food, toys, chocolate, milk and a heater.”

Similarly, “Check Your Fact” did not find the referenced video. Recent reliable news Regarding the current Israel-Hamas war. In fact, the opposite is true.UK based outlet complete facts The March 1 article also pointed out that the video showed children from Syria, not Gaza.

In addition, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreigners I haven't done it publicly commented on In video.

Check Your Fact has reached out to the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreigners for comment and will update this article accordingly.

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