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Family Of Man Killed After Pointing Gun At Cops Says They Wish Police Had Just Talked To Him Instead

The family of a black man killed in California in July said he had mental health issues and wished police had talked to him instead of shooting him, KTVU reported.

Ryan Bruford, 41, was shot dead on July 26 when he pointed his gun at a San Francisco police officer during an arrest at the intersection of Fairfax and Catalina streets in the Bayview neighborhood. Reported by KTVU.

“We would like to know what de-escalation strategy they have adopted. According to KTVU, it would have been nice if one of the officers had taken the time to say, ‘Let’s talk. But,” Bruford’s cousin, L’Oréal Earl, said. Bruford lost his mother to cancer late last year and is reportedly grappling with bereavement.

“We do not tolerate violence. We are a peaceful family. ” said another cousin, Charlesetta Earle, the paper reported. (Related: San Francisco Police Officer Salaries Soaring as Crime Rise)

San Francisco police conducted a virtual city hall over the shooting on Friday, Body camera video of the shootingreported by KTVU. The video showed plainclothes officers arresting Bruford when he challenged police officers. Officers warned each other that Bruford was armed, and uniformed reserve officers could be heard on the scene giving repeated orders and calling Bruford to raise his hand. Bruford was shot dead after pointing a pistol at the officers, according to the video. Officers were seen at the scene offering assistance to Bruford.

Police said Bruford died despite the rescue of officers and medical workers at the scene and later in the hospital. statement. The statement said Mr. Bruford had nothing to do with the actual arrest.

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