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Family Of Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan Sues Liberal Sports Outlet

The family of a 9-year-old boy accused of attending a Kansas City Chiefs game wearing blackface is accused of “maliciously and unreasonably” attacking the child, according to a complaint filed Tuesday. He is complaining about spin.

Deadspin senior writer Caron Phillips said: I have written In November, a misleading article accused child Holden Armenta of wearing blackface to attend a game in Las Vegas. Armenta painted one side of his face red, but the article also included a photo with only one side of his face painted black.

The family is suing Armenta for “racially charged political motives” over an article that claims Armenta “has found a way to hate Black people and Native Americans at the same time,” the newspaper said. complaint The suit says the death threats and “barrage of hatred” caused “tremendous harm” to the family.

“Given how quickly the boy appears on screen, by selectively capturing an image from a CBS broadcast with only one side of HA's face smeared with black paint, we achieved this task with laser focus.” Phillips and Deadspin intentionally omitted “Half of HA's face was smeared with red paint,'' the complaint states.

Archived versions of Deadspin articles

The suit says Armenta did not wear blackface, saying the boy did not know what blackface was and was not wearing any racist facial markings or headdresses. The complaint reiterated previous reports that Armenta is Native American.The headdress the boy was wearing resembles a traditional headdress logo From the 1960s to the early 70s. (Related article: Deadspin writers who try to ruin children's lives are crazier than you think)

“HA did not wear the costume headdress because he was 'indoctrinated with hatred at home,' but because he loves the Kansas City Chiefs football team and his Native American heritage.” “He was wearing a headdress because of this,” the complaint states.

The suit also alleges that Deadspin and Phillips knew the boy was not wearing blackface, but decided to write a “viciously racist” article about the boy to “gather clicks.” are doing.

The boy's parents threatened to sue Deadspin and its owner, G/O Media, unless the media immediately retracted the story. Instead, the outlet Editor's note The article said it focused on the National Football League's “failure” to expand anti-racism rules across the league.

“Deadspin did not retract the article or apologize,” the complaint states. “Rather, a series of articles demonstrating that Deadspin not only failed to correct the record, but also fully understood the highly harmful and defamatory nature of the article, while maliciously refusing to retract it.” We have published further updates. Deadspin's lawyers then threatened the Armentas with anti-legal action if Raul and Shannon tried to hold Phillips and Deadspin accountable for false and defamatory articles. ”

The lawsuit alleges that since the article was published, Armenta's grades and test scores have declined at school, making her father, Raul, an “outcast” at work. The family is reportedly considering moving out of state because of this incident.

The suit says Armenta has suffered a “devastating loss” of the “innocence of youth” and “thwarted love for his favorite soccer team and its players.”

“Sadly, HA will never know a life in which his face and name are not inextricably linked to false accusations of racist behavior. If you search HA's name on Google, the first result will be his appears in Deadspin's “Reporter Accused of Racism.” The second claims that “the article asserts that.” [the Armenta’s] son, [H.A.]exhibited racist behavior[.]Third, the lawsuit describes what happened to HA as a “viral hit.”

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