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Famous Ice Skater Scott Hamilton Explains Why He Refuses To Treat Brain Tumor

Famous figure skater Scott Hamilton decided not to treat his third brain tumor until it showed symptoms.

He recognizes that this is not a popular choice and not one that everyone will understand. He has previously undergone two surgeries for a brain tumor, the second of which had many complications. But each time it came back.

This time, Hamilton is taking a different approach. He shared his reaction when he was diagnosed for the third time.

“All I felt was, don't worry about this. Just go home and be strong,” he told People in an interview published Wednesday. “I am relieved with this decision.”

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The ice skating legend said he instinctively knew this was the best path to follow.

“I just answered my spirit,” he told the outlet.

He also explained how he came to the quick decision.

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“So they brought in this guy who was a really young, talented surgeon, and he said, 'You can do the surgery again.' It's going to be complicated, but we've got some really talented people here, so I know we'll do well if that's an option for you,” Hamilton said.

Ms Hamilton said she remembered when she was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004 and when she was diagnosed with a second brain tumor in 2010. During the second surgery, doctors ultimately required nine additional surgeries to repair the damaged brain arteries. Hamilton said he is not ready to go down that road again.

“They said, 'So what do you want to do?' And I said, 'I think I'm going to go home and get stronger,'” he told People.

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His decision proved to be sound.

“It was amazing. Three months later I went back for a checkup and they said it wasn't growing. Three months later I went back and it had shrunk by 45%. I went to the surgeon. I said, “Can you explain this to me?” And he said, “God.” When I put it back together, it shrunk by 25% again,” he told People.

But the next visit brought bad news.

“I was growing up. Then the coronavirus hit and it became almost impossible to be admitted to any kind of hospital. I realized that I could be completely at peace with never seeing it again, for as long as I could,” Hamilton said.

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The 1984 Olympic gold medalist knows she can begin treatment when the time is right. (Related article: 'The Walking Dead' actor reveals shocking life news)

“The trump card for me is that we now have targeted radiation therapy that shrinks tumors,” he says. “It allows me to avoid a lot of other things, like surgery and chemotherapy. So I don't know, but I'm in the moment, taking in all the information and taking the right action when the time comes.” I’m trying to get it.”

Watch Hamilton's gold medal-winning performance at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics.

And here he receives his medal:

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