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Fans Blast Nicki Minaj For Disastrous Concert Performance

Nicki Minaj's fans slammed her for arriving late to her own concert and putting on a disappointing show.

The show, held at Dublin's Malahide Castle on Saturday, was supposed to start at 8pm but ticket holders were sold out. TMZFans braved pouring rain to try to catch the show, which was part of the European leg of Minaj's “Pink Friday 2” world tour.

Fans then vented their frustration on social media, with many saying the star arrived more than 90 minutes late to her own concert. This was just the beginning of their anguish. Complaints were also shared online about her disappearing from the stage for several minutes and lip-syncing.

“The way you treat your fans is disgraceful. Over an hour and a half late and not even playing for an hour,” @Catheri39750053 wrote to X. “Never come to Ireland again.”

Other fans slammed the famous singer and offered sympathy for those who were left shivering in the rain throughout the lackluster performance.

“I feel so sorry for the people who came to this concert. 90 minutes late and only playing for 40 minutes. Shame on you,” wrote claire@086red to X.

According to TMZ, Nicki repeatedly ran backstage to change costumes, and fans became frustrated because she was taking so long backstage.

After the concert, some fans felt totally cheated.

Thiago Carminati, who posts under the name @tcarminati03, expressed his deep dissatisfaction on social media, writing: “Give me my money back!”, while @MaureenKeenan slammed Minaj for all the things that upset her about her performance.

“Embarrassed in Dublin. Nearly 2 hours late. Iip was 45 minutes out of sync and started arguing with the tour DJ,” she wrote.

“And there was no thanks to the fans who waited in the pouring rain.”

“The only reason more people didn't leave is because there was no transportation to get out. What a waste of a stage,” @tcarminati03 said. (Related: 'Imitation of Sexual Activity': Fans File Class Action Lawsuit Claiming Madonna Concert Was Too Sexually Explicit)

Minaj did not respond to angry fans on social media.

The famous artist posted about the concert by sharing images and videos that showed fans having a great time on stage.

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