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FBI’s Chief Censor Made False Statements Under Oath About Hunter Biden Laptop Suppression, Jim Jordan Reveals

FBI Special Agent Elvis Chung allegedly made false statements under oath about FBI suppression of Hunter Biden laptop case ahead of 2020 presidential election, Republican Ohio House Rep. Jim Jordan made the announcement on Monday.

Chan is the main conduit between the FBI’s Task Force on Foreign Influence (FITF) and social media platforms ahead of the 2020 presidential election, and according to new documents, Hunter Biden’s laptop It appears that he was lying about his meetings with tech companies on the matter. from Jordan.

“Internal FB documents reveal that an FBI special agent made false statements in testimony about the FBI’s role in suppressing Hunter Biden’s laptop case,” Jordan said. tweeted Monday. (Related: Meta wanted to create a ’24/7 channel’ to censor posts on behalf of Ukraine’s Intel, House report finds)

Chan and current FITF section chief Laura Demrow met with Facebook on Oct. 14, 2020 to discuss Hunter Biden’s laptop. new york post storyDemlow testified Presented to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Federal Weaponization in July.

When a Facebook representative asked if the contents of Biden’s laptop were genuine, the FBI said “no comment” because an unidentified FBI official directed it to do so during internal deliberations, Demroe testified. . Jordan tweeted that the FBI and FITF knew Hunter Biden’s laptop was real before the New York Post reported it.

“Did Mr. Demroe know the FBI had a laptop and it was real? Yes. Did other key members of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force know? Yes. FBI knew the laptop was real, but still said ‘no comment,'” Jordan said. Said.

Chan testified As part of the Missouri v. Biden censorship lawsuit filed by the Republican Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana in November 2022. He recalled meetings with the FITF and Facebook and said he was “confident” he had not attended any other meetings with tech companies regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“I was convinced that I was not a party to any meetings with social media companies where Hunter Biden was discussed, other than the one incident I told you about,” Chan said. Said during his testimony.

Chan also said Jordan said he was unaware of any correspondence between FBI agents and Facebook related to Hunter Biden’s article in response to questioning. (Related: Jim Jordan says in Facebook document: ‘They censored First Amendment speech’)

Jordan also said Chan had a “follow-up” meeting with Facebook executives on Oct. 15, the day after the Hunter Biden article was censored and the FBI held its first meeting with Facebook. shared an internal Facebook document showing

“The Commission recently obtained internal Facebook documents proving that Agent Chan had a secret ‘follow-up’ call with Facebook on Oct. 15 regarding the Hunter Biden laptop incident. ‘ said Jordan. tweeted With document image. (Related: Biden Administration Asks Facebook to ‘Change Algorithms’ to Censor Conservatives and Promote Legacy Media)

Jordan It pointed out There was another contradiction in Mr. Chan’s testimony, saying he had “no inside knowledge” of the Hunter Biden investigation involving the FBI. Internal documents released by Jordan prove that Chan updated Facebook officials about the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden. according to Congressman Jordan.

“Mr. Chan is aware of the current situation within the FBI and advised that there is no evidence at this time that suggests a connection with overseas or the direction of the outflow,” a Facebook employee said on October 15, 2020. Stated.

Jordan suggested that the Biden administration was blocking an interview with Chan because of his obvious lies and contradictions.

“Is it any wonder why the Biden Department of Justice has so far thwarted the Commission’s efforts to interview Chan?” Jordan tweeted.

federal judge issued a restraining order On July 4, he blocked Biden administration officials from working with tech companies to censor social media posts. The Biden administration is appealing the injunction, and the agency is reportedly suspending meetings with tech companies in the meantime.

The FBI declined to comment.

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