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FERBRACHE: Biden’s Illusion Of Access

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. There he finds two alternate realities existing side by side, where common sense physics do not apply. Congressional Democrats and their media groups have used scrutiny by various House committees, conclusive documentary evidence (i.e. bank records), credible source reports, and first-hand testimony pointing to presidential corruption as a Republican conspiracy theory. I keep ignoring it.

for example, Former federal prosecutor And a self-proclaimed “law and fact attorney” from the Southern District of New York has a rather dubious interpretation of the House’s findings.

“Many Republicans in Congress are trying to undermine the Weiss Party for obvious political reasons.” [Hunter Biden] investigation. So far, they have been unable to uncover any evidence that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s business dealings with Ukraine and China… I have yet to see evidence that Joe Biden used his position to help his son in any material way. ”

TRUE? Let’s break it down a bit. Here’s some of the evidence House investigators have presented so far:

First, a credible FBI source reported that in early 2015 he had spoken to a business executive at Ukrainian energy company Burisma. FD-1023“We hired Hunter Biden to protect us from all sorts of problems through his father,” a Burisma official said. Hunter was “hired” as a member of Burisma’s board of directors, Paid $83,000 per month.

Sources report that Burisma’s CEO and founder has offered “five (million) to one Biden and five (million) to another Biden in exchange for the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma. I will pay,” he said.

“I said I didn’t want to pay the Bidens, but they ‘forced me to pay,'” the CEO said. He further told prosecutor Burisma: [Victor Shokin] “He has been fired, there is no current investigation, and no one will know about any financial dealings with the Bidens,” he said.

Second, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer currently identifies: 170 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), Documents have been filed with the U.S. Treasury Department showing suspicious dealings involving the Biden family and a complex labyrinth. 20 dummy companies of the Biden family and their associates. They were created after Biden was Vice President to obfuscate the content. Received foreign funds totaling $17 million, It also includes funding from Ukraine and China.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department appears to be interfering with Biden & Company. Testimony of two IRS whistleblowers Federal prosecutors blocked and blocked any investigations into the Biden family, including Joe (the “great man”).public prosecutor walk slowly Hunter Biden’s tax lawsuit has been ongoing since its inception in 2018, and has also granted a viable felony lapse. Investigators were blocked from enforcing valid search warrants, the ultimate act of betrayal. The chief prosecutor informed Hunter’s lawyer government search plan.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that the president has not spoken about his son’s business activities or lied about his lack of knowledge about his son’s business activities. The White House now says,The president never did business with his son. “

It’s yet another embarrassing moment for the Justice Department. Hunter Biden’s failed plea deal will help sharpen the Biden family portrait of amassed and unexplainable wealth.

I’m not an attorney, but from what I’ve observed as an investigator, it appears that the full agreement between Mr. Hunter’s attorneys and federal prosecutors was never executed, and the Biden Department of Justice found itself in a tight spot. drove in.

As matters unfolded in court, it became clear that negotiations over Hunter’s plea were not an adversarial process between opposing parties. Rather, it seemed like a joint conspiracy between federal prosecutors and Hunter’s lawyers to slip through a judge’s passage through an unprecedented and possibly unconstitutional (i.e. illegal) arrangement, which she wasn’t convinced. . Some might call this collusion.

Nevertheless, it all fell apart U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika I asked a lawyer from the Department of Justice for a basic explanation. From there it was downhill.

Moreover, a closer look at what Judge Noreika called the “agreement” revealed that the parties were light years apart (although both parties released Hunter with a slap on the wrist, exonerating him from further charges). We agreed that we would).

The rift became apparent when federal prosecutors told the judge: Investigation still ‘ongoing’ and may face criminal charges in the future. Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) It is possible.

actual, Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss He said the same in a June press release announcing the plea deal. At the same time, Hunter’s attorney Chris Clark also issued a statement “We understand that the five-year investigation into Hunter has been resolved,” it said. You’re going to get in trouble for making such contradictory statements… Dawn.Clark declared his plea bargain “Invalid.”

My belief in judicial independence has been confirmed.

None of the above is a “financial blow” to prove that President Biden was directly involved in extorting bribes in exchange for official conduct. But is there any justification for the Biden family to take millions of dollars from Ukraine and China and launder money through a maze of accounts while Joe was Vice President?

Finally, in honor of a former Hunter Biden business partner, Devon Archertestified on Monday. Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman Indeed, Hunter admitted to using speakerphone to his father during meetings with Burisma and other officials on the other side of the world.But no business was discussed, just a ‘reward’. [and] weather. ” According to Goldman, hunters simply “Illusion of Access” But Goldman fails to explain the legitimate purpose of the millions of dollars paid to the Bidens to perpetuate that “illusion.”

The “illusion” apparently cost Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky $10 million. Even if Vice President Biden’s official U.S. policy goal was to launch controversial “corrupt” weapons into Ukraine, Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin Even withholding US aid, the Bidens got $10 million from Zlochevsky. So Mr. Hunter persuaded Mr. Zlochevsky to pay the Bidens $10 million for what the then-Vice President had always been willing to do, regardless of his stake in Burisma’s results.

Rep. Goldman may have a point. Hunter and Joe created the illusion to Zlochevsky that the $10 million he paid the Bidens made the difference in firing Shokin. I’m glad it was resolved. However, according to Goldman’s logic, this was not a payment to influence official conduct, but merely an elaborate scheme Joe and Hunter orchestrated to defraud the CEO of a Ukrainian energy company of millions of dollars. It must have been a scam. nice side gig. So, how do you report illicit earnings on your tax return?

To say that House investigators “failed to uncover evidence that Joe Biden was somehow involved in Hunter’s business dealings with Ukraine and China” is disingenuous and ignores the obvious.

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov said: We have never seen an atom, but we still know it must exist. ”

The circumstantial evidence against Joe Biden is rapidly becoming “overwhelming.” Any “lawyer of law and fact” will admit that with enough circumstantial “pieces” in the puzzle, an unmistakable picture emerges that reveals stark reality.

Mark D. Farbrasche spent 27 years as an FBI Special Agent specializing in white-collar criminal investigations. Later, he worked for the agency’s National Security Agency and the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, and served on diplomatic missions in Prague, London, and Bucharest, as well as field office assignments at FBI headquarters in Seattle, New York, and Washington. He is currently employed as a contract employee for the United States Intelligence Service.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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