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Fire Alarm Raised At Missouri National Monument: REPORT

The St. Louis, Missouri, Fire Department responded to a report of a Gateway Arch elevator on fire Monday morning, the department tweeted.

However, the department said that when they arrived at the scene, they could not observe any signs of fire from outside. “Companies are on scene, but nothing is visible from the outside. Further investigation underway,” the fire department tweeted. (Related: Missouri mother arrested for allegedly burning 1-month-old baby to death in oven: Report)

In response to the fire department's comments, the USEmergAlerts incident notification service tweeted, “There is no smoke or fire engine evidence on EarthCam.”

Firefighters observed smoke coming from an elevator at KSDK's Gateway Arch and found cause for concern. report. A Gateway Arch spokesperson told the paper: “There was smoke coming from the control panel of one of the tram doors, but no flames.” “They've locked it down and got permission from the fire department. The visitor center should be reopened within 15 to 20 minutes.”

The Gateway Arch is the world's tallest arch, measuring “630 feet high and 630 feet wide.” according to to the National Park Conservation Association. The arch is “the tallest arch in the world and also the tallest monument in the Western Hemisphere,” the group added.

KSDK said the ministry did not share any speculation or information about the cause of the smoke.

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