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Five Phoenix Residents Charged with Burglary After Failed Boxcar Heist

Five people are behind bars after a failed attempt to rob a boxcar in Navajo County, Arizona. Officers arrived at the scene near the Jack Rabbit Trading Post in Joseph City after responding to reports of suspicious activity near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and observed signs of forced entry into a boxcar, according to reports. It is said that he did. FOX10 Phoenix.

On March 1, around 5:30 p.m., the suspect's vehicle was stopped and Navajo County Sheriff's officers found tools inside the vehicle that could be used to cut the lock. The five men were identified as Ellen Morales Sepulveda, 28. Osiel Morales-Sepulveda, 19 years old. Oscar Morales-Sepulveda, 18 years old. Jesus Luis Urias, 20 years old. and Adan Morales Mendivil, 26, were later taken into custody and reportedly charged with robbery and possession of burglary tools. WMIC Central.

This investigation prompted the involvement of the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security and demonstrated the serious nature of these allegations. According to reports, all suspects are Phoenix residents and are currently undergoing immigration investigation for being in the country illegally.

Update from Navajo County Sheriff's Office On March 4, a statement said, “All of the subjects are illegal immigrants and are being detained at immigration inspection.'' These additional legal complications suggest that the ramifications of a robbery charge extend beyond the immediate criminal charges. All suspects are being held in the Navajo County Jail awaiting further proceedings.

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