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Flagstaff police reveal new details in the murder of Kelly Paduchowski

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — The Flagstaff Police Department has confirmed new details in the murder of Kelly Paduchowki, who was reported missing on June 30th.

Days after police and the Coconino County Prosecutor's Office announced her husband had pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, ABC15 has learned she was found several miles away from where the search began. Police also confirmed Daniel Padukowski led them to multiple locations during their search for evidence.

The mystery of Kelly's disappearance began to unravel last week, when court documents revealed that just hours before Daniel reported the 45-year-old missing, neighbors had reported hearing screams and seeing her motionless in her backyard.

“We understand she was very well known, very beloved and very well known in our community,” said John Paxton with the Coconino County Sheriff's Office.

According to a recent Flagstaff Police Department report obtained by ABC15, local residents rushed to help her in the days after she disappeared, with police reporting that Danielle did not appear “anxious.”

The sheriff's office joined in a multi-day search that spanned various areas of Coconino County, including the Campbell Mesa Trailhead, where family members first spotted Kelly's car, according to police and their reports.

“We don't have an exact number, but we will be getting information and direction from Flagstaff Police to finalize the areas they want us to search,” Paxton said.

CCSO's search and rescue efforts sometimes involved dealing with difficult terrain, altitude and summer heat.

“Today, we have reached an agreement whereby the defendant, Daniel Padukowski, will plead guilty to second-degree murder…” CCAO Senior Attorney Michael Tunink said at a July 5 press conference.

Part of the plea agreement included Daniel helping guide police to the location of Kelly's body as well as other evidence, such as his cell phone and keys.

Flagstaff police confirmed Tuesday that the mother of two was eventually found near Hart Prairie and North Highway 180, but police said the search for evidence included stops in other areas.

Police confirmed the photo was taken near Casper and U.S. Highway 66. Police told ABC15 this is just one of the locations where Daniel has directed law enforcement.

Sabrina Lakin

“The most important thing to us is to get some closure for the family,” Paxton said, “so that's the key, so that, as we say, the healing process can begin.”

Kelly's family and two young children are being supported by the community, with many donating. Online Fundraiser.

Daniel has pleaded guilty to multiple charges and is scheduled to be sentenced on September 10th.

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