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Florida Doctor Calls Police For Missing Supplies, Pie

The man just wanted to enjoy his pie. that’s all he wanted.

A Florida chiropractor calls for help after thieves allegedly broke into his office to steal supplies and pies.

The pie is described as round and possibly coconut in nature.

according to WBBHMore Dr. Kent Messer of Fort Myers first discovered the alleged theft when he went to his office refrigerator for a snack.

“I had a very simple goal,” Messer told the station. “I just wanted to go to the office, buy some pie, and get on with my day.”

Messer’s pie turned into a pile of crumbs in the refrigerator, the report said.

While trying to figure out who ate this delicious dessert, the doctor was informed that nearly $1,500 in supplies had also been taken from the office.

according to Miami Herald, Deputies for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office were called to investigate a report of the burglary and grand theft shortly after 10:30 am on August 1.

Lawmakers reportedly found evidence of a forced open near the emergency door to one of the office’s treatment rooms.

The Miami Herald reported that a shipping case worth about $125 had gone missing along with about $1,500 of medical supplies.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office valued the lost pie at $5.

The culprit has not yet been found but will be charged with breaking into a vacant house, a second-degree felony, according to the newspaper.

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