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Former AG candidate asks AZ Supreme Court for new election trial

PHOENIX — Republican Attorney General candidate Abraham Hamade lost to Democrat Chris Mays in the 2022 state election. But on Friday, he filed a formal request to the Arizona Supreme Court for a new election trial, ruling that 9,000 votes were not counted.

It’s not the first time he’s been in court. Mojave County Superior Court Judge Lee Kantsen previously dismissed Mr. Hamade’s challenge to the 2022 election results.

The 2022 election was one of the closest in state history. Mays beat Hamade by 511 out of 2.5 million votes cast. But an automatic recount showed that Mays actually outnumbered Hamade by just 280 votes.

Six months after Jantzen dismissed his appeal, Hamade filed another lawsuit. Jantzen, however, turned down the bid in mid-July.

Why is Hamade making a third petition for a new electoral trial?

Hamade’s latest filing alleges that Jantzen improperly acted by limiting the time his team needed to prepare legal arguments.

In his Friday filing, he also alleges that Jantzen’s time limit made it difficult for his team to find evidence that voters’ ballots had not been counted.

“We have just filed a special action in the Arizona Supreme Court seeking a new trial.” Hamade said in a video on his Twitter page..

“We found evidence that had been suppressed from Katie Hobbs and other counties who did not provide evidence when the trial was first held in December,” Mr. Hamade previously said of Hobbes in the recount. It made inaccurate claims about the role of governor.

He argued that political prejudice hinders justice.

“I am a former prosecutor,” he said. “If I did this to a criminal defendant, I would be disqualified.”

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