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French Police Investigate The Vanishing Of 1300-Year-Old Sword Linked To Mythological Fable: REPORT

According to multiple media reports, French police are searching for Durandal, a sword used by the legendary knight Roland, after it disappeared from the village of Rocamadour.

Durandal was said to have been pushed into a rock wall a short distance from the village ground for about 1,300 years before its mysterious disappearance, with the exit being report.

According to French sources, Roland was an official of Charlemagne. reportAccording to legend, his sword was magically unbreakable and had the sharpest blade in the world. The outlet reported that Durandal was said to be able to slice through rock with one swing. According to The Telegraph, an angel first gifted Durandal to Charlemagne, who then gifted it to his faithful servant, Roland. (Related article: Archaeologists discover 1,900-year-old Roman sword in excellent condition)

According to legend, just before his death in battle, Rolland threw his legendary sword into the air to prevent it being caught by his enemies. Local legend has it that the sword miraculously traveled and ended up lodged in the rock face of Rocamadour, the Telegraph reported.

The disappearance of the prized sword created a great sense of loss in the French village.

“Durandal will be missed, it has been part of Rocamadour for centuries. [and] There is not a single guide who does not mention it during the visit. Rocamadour feels partly stripped away, [but] “Even if it is a legend, the destiny of our village is linked to this sword,” said Dominique Lenfant, Rocamadour's mayor. La Depeche.

Police are investigating the incident as a case of suspected theft, according to the Telegraph.

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