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FRIEDRICHS AND RUVOLO: Feminists Spend International Women’s Day Cheering Biological Men

As the transgender giant permeates society, one Massachusetts school is giving us a new and improved look at International Women's Week.

The school, KIPP Academy Lynn, won't apologize For putting a bearded transgender player on the court in a girls' game, for the injuries sustained by a female student as a result of his rough play, and for the resulting ejection of the opposing team.

KIPP Academy is awake. Being awake means you never have to face reality. Or we may have to worry about the damage done to those who don't subscribe to the sick ideology that crowns men homecoming queens and allows boys to dominate girls' sports. Awakened ideology has allowed men to take ownership of all fields that were previously established to give equal opportunities to women.

As with most social ills today, so-called teachers unions encouraged this depravity. They claim to be pro-women, yet they have spearheaded an ideology in which girls are brutally beaten by boys in their sports. They then mutilate the bodies of teenagers, give young children powerful drugs that inhibit their natural development, and force lawmakers to pass laws that would make it illegal to continue to “gender change” children. They have forced disturbingly insane policies down the throats of the American people. A secret from my parents.

They are all smiles as they watch boys who “identify as women” freely use the women's restrooms and changing rooms.

But that's not the only absurdity plaguing modern feminism. The Babylon Bee recently “reported” that Bill Cosby: participates in Hamas So “feminists will stop accusing him of rape.”

The satire points out a particularly pathological aspect of this ideology: cognitive dissonance, which Medical News Today calls “A psychological phenomenon that occurs when a person holds two contradictory beliefs at the same time. ” And the contradictions of ideologues are pathological. Consider the actions of Hamas, which forced families to watch as terrorists tortured, raped, mutilated, and murdered female hostages.

Hamas posted a video of this diabolical act online. Proudly. But nothing is said by the international feminist wing, who always loudly criticize those they don't like, but remain silent when real evil engulfs women whole.

Yes, welcome international women's week where The mission is “[s]We spotlight work that uplifts and inspires women to pursue their goals without prejudice or barriers. ” They say this with a straight face while unapologetically favoring a biological man who claims to be a “trans woman” and allowing that man to dominate women’s sports.

Their propaganda is clever, making people believe that “inclusion” still has an old meaning and means accepting women from all countries, backgrounds, and economic levels. But an astute reader will see through the “all-encompassing” camouflage and recognize the true intent. It's about including biological males in women's sports, no matter how much men outperform and overpower female athletes.

Given this manipulative attack on women, this year's International Women's Week theme, “Inspiring Inclusion,” is particularly ironic.

The athletic director of the forfeited Massachusetts team, whose hegemonic control of the movement was complete won't admit it The decision came in the wake of an injury caused by a 6-foot-tall trans athlete. Instead, the university's charter school issued a statement saying its players “fear they will get injured and miss the playoffs.” That was it. There's nothing about bearded guys.

The statement also said the school “reiterates its values ​​of both inclusivity and safety for all students.” no. sorry. You can't have both. Choose one.

All the female college athletes may be angry, but school administrators say woke ideology takes precedence over the actual safety of children. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

This is all extremely heartbreaking for women, especially teachers who are funding this nightmare through union dues, and you may be wondering where this is all going. What will be the role of women in a society that allows men to declare themselves women and do whatever they want with women? How do “movement feminists” defend this kind of “inclusivity” when it means a secondary or tertiary role for actual women? And why does the feminist movement criticize the actions of real women it doesn't like, while condoning or even supporting dangerous and unjust actions committed by those who align with its ideology?

These are good questions women can answer for themselves during this year's International Women's Week.

Rebecca Friedrichs is For children and the countrysideauthor of stand up to goliath and a 28-year public school teacher who was the lead plaintiff in Friedrichs v. CTA.

Roger Ruvolo A longtime newspaper editor, For children and the countryside.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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