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From the arts to animals, Debbi Gifford gives back to the community

For Debi Gifford, the daughter of Buster Channen and Phyllis (Wilson) Channen, and her two brothers, Amy Burckhart and Beth Dunlap, community service is important. Debi grew up near her grandparents north of Osceola. She began attending Holmes’ Liberty School and Likens Her School, after which she attended Wynford High School. She remembers seeing Winford when it opened. It was so big that she looked forward to going there. Debbie loved music and she played in the royal brass band, concert band and symphony orchestra. Irvin Kindinger was the band’s director and over the years helped children get into music. Debi graduated from Winford High School in 1975.

Debbie married Chris Chandler and had two children, Jason Chandler and Christy Kroll. Debi drove Winford’s school bus for eight years after her graduation and had other part-time jobs. Chris and Debbie went their separate ways, after which Debbie married Eric Gifford. He served nine years in the United States Air Force, stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona, before being transferred to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. Debbie was allowed to travel with him. When President Bill Clinton cut troops, Eric retired and they went home. Now Eric and Devi live in the “suburbs” of Rumato.

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