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Georgia Man Arrested After Allegedly Giving Poisoned Paper To Two Officers

A Georgia man was arrested on suspicion of giving documents to two law enforcement officers that caused dizziness and difficulty breathing, Atlanta News First reported Friday.

The man, identified as Little Stone III, became ill under mysterious circumstances after two officers allegedly came into contact with him and was taken into custody. according to Go to Atlanta News First. The suspect reportedly entered Smyrna Police Headquarters on February 6, had a brief conversation with a clerk, and then spoke to two officers about local police and the Republican governor of Georgia. Brian Kemp.

Things took a turn when Stone handed the officer some documents after asking for the police chief's business card. After Stone left the premises, officers reported severe symptoms, including respiratory illness and extreme fatigue, within minutes of the encounter, the newspaper reported. (Related: Immigrant who assaulted NYPD officer may be on the run to California, police reportedly believe)

Emergency services quickly responded and the injured police officer was rushed to a nearby hospital. They were battling symptoms ranging from chest discomfort and difficulty breathing to dizziness and extreme fatigue, according to Atlanta News First. Authorities acted quickly and arrested Mr. Stone the same day.

He faces felony charges, including two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. Stone is currently being held without bail at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, according to Atlanta News First. The Smyrna Police Department confirmed that the officers have since been released from the hospital and are recovering. Meanwhile, as officials search for clues to explain the officer's sudden illness, the FBI has stepped in and preserved controversial documents for thorough analysis, the newspaper reported.

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