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The Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition was launched in 2003 as a cross-organizational drug coalition. A major focus was on educating communities about the risks of methamphetamine. Since then, we have grown to offer not only primary prevention programs and activities, but also opportunities for individuals to participate in drug and alcohol recovery. Our primary goal is to provide 12-17 year olds with substance abuse education and leadership opportunities through our youth advocacy programs.

In April 2021, we opened our first humble living home in Graham County. We provide affordable housing for adult men seeking a drug-free life, helping them transition to employment and independent living. So far, two students have successfully graduated from this program. They live alone and support themselves and their families. We will continue to develop the programs we offer through the House of Hope Prevention and Resource Center. Twelve Steps Conferences have been established and two AA conferences and one Crystal Meth Anonymous conference are held weekly and open to the public.

Our latest program is known as Recovery Angel. This is a program that allows people who have recently overdosed or are struggling with addiction to contact our staff. These staff are sent to meet with individuals to develop plans that can help them toward detox, rehabilitation, or community resources.

The Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition is a member of the Graham-Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition. The GGTCC promotes an Arizona income tax credit of up to $1200 for joint filings and $800 for separate filings. You can receive this tax credit to offset your Arizona income tax burden by donating to eligible local nonprofits and schools. For more information on this opportunity, please visit: GGTCC is managed by the Arizona Community Foundation of Gila Valley and can be reached at



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