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Gila County ponders law on short-term rentals | County Supervisor

Gila County regulators last week expressed broad support for a new ordinance regulating short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods.

Regulators have given staff permission to enact ordinances that require anyone renting on Airbnb, VRBO or other platforms to get a $250 annual permit.

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kAmr=:?6 2=D@ H@CC:65 E92E 2 C6BF:C6>6?EE@ ?@E:7J ?6:893@CD 4@F=5 FAD6E A6@A=6 H:E9@ FE =62G:?8 E96 4@F?EJ 2 H2J E@ C6DA@?5]k^Am

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kAm”&?56C E96 DE2EFE6[ E96C6’D ?@ AC@46DD E92E 2==@HD FD E@ 56?J E96 A6C>:E 5F6 E@ E96 ?6:893@C9@@5 36:?8 282:?DE :E[” D2:5 !=F:>6C] “%96J’C6 ;FDE 36:?8 ?@E:7:65]”k^Am

kAmqFE |2C< |:?6C[ H9@ 2=D@ =:G6D :? (9:DA6C:?8 !:?6D[ D2:5 :7 E96 4@F?EJ 4@F=5 ;FDE =:>:E E96 ?F>36C @7 A6@A=6 :? 2 D:?8=6 9@>6 – 2?5 D@>69@H 4@?EC@= E96 =2E6 ?:89E ?@:D6 2?5 A2CEJ:?8[ :E H@F=5 >2<6 2 3:8 5:776C6?46]k^Am

kAm“%9:D AC@3=6> 😀 ?@E 8@:?8 E@ 8@ 2H2J – :E’D 8@:?8 E@ 86E H@CD6[” 96 D2:5] “%96 >2:? E9:?8 E92E H@F=5 36 96=A7F= :DD@>6 <:?5 @7 C68:DEC2E:@? ?F>36C 7@C 6249 @?6 @7 E96D6 G242E:@?C6?E2=D[ D@ H6 42? C6A@CE E92E G:@=2E:@?] p =@E@7E:>6D[ H6’G6 8:G6? FA 42==:?8 E96 D96C:77] xE E2<6D E96> 2? 9@FC @C EH@ E@ 86E E96C6 – 2?5 3J E96? :E’D ?@E 92AA6?:?8]qFE H6’G6 D66? :E 2==]~?6 @7 E96 9@FD6D 😀 hg_ DBF2C6 766E[ 2?5 x 4@F?E65 bd A6@A=6 2?5 `_ @C `d A2C<65 42CD] %96J A2CEJ 2== ?:89E]”k^Am

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