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Go Straight To The 31st Paragraph Of Time Magazine’s Fawning Pro Ukraine War Cover Story

A close aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy told Time magazine on Monday that corruption remains a pervasive problem in the country.

President Zelenskiy’s aide: “People are stealing like there’s no tomorrow” Said Time magazine about bribery and the “grabbing” of “state funds.” The comment appeared to have been made after an aide asked a reporter to turn off his audio recorder so he could speak more freely, Time reported. (Related: Republican senators introduce bill to provide aid to Israel and cut off Ukrainian funding)

The dismissal of former Ukrainian defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov failed to stop corrupt practices because the process was too long, Time magazine said.Reznikov came under investigation in January 2023 over the ministry’s apparent “purchases of military provisions at inflated prices,” Politico reported. report.

Soldiers on the front lines mocked the practice by joking about “Reznikov eggs,” Time noted. The investigation led to his dismissal in early September, the Kiev Independent reported. report.

A similar incident occurred with Ukrainian media Bihus.ino. report The brother of Zelensky’s top energy adviser co-owned two solar energy companies that continued to receive government funding even after Russia occupied and cut off the region, Time reported. President Zelenskiy reportedly did not suspend his adviser Rostislav Shulma even after the embezzlement investigation began.

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