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‘Gonna Be Sexy Forever’: Famous Rapper Reveals His ‘Older’ Celebrity Crush

Rapper 50 Cent revealed his love for actress Dame Helen Mirren, 78, since they met at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, according to an interview with Men’s Health.

“She’s sexy. She’ll look at you and you’ll say, ‘Oh my God!’ She doesn’t care how old she is, she doesn’t care what anyone says, she’s sexy,” said 50 Cent. Exit. “That’s her confidence, that’s what she’s been all about. She’ll stay sexy forever.” (Related: ‘Look how bad things get’: 50 Cent says Los Angeles is ‘done’ over no-bail policy)

The 48-year-old rapper enjoys a lot of female attention. This was especially true for him after the success of his first album and accompanying tour. 50 Cent called himself a “bad bitch,” but he admitted that the attention confused him and caused him to avoid after-parties.

“When a girl looks at you, it’s like, ‘Oh, she thinks she’s going to get me,'” 50 Cent said.

The interview also touched on other topics such as 50 Cent’s character and his rise to stardom. The rapper said his tough personality was developed while in a juvenile facility, and he needed to do so because, “If they look at you hard, they may not want to argue. It’s from,” he explained. The rapper spent the early part of his career wearing bulletproof vests and riding in armored vehicles.

“It’s almost a feature. Early in my career, I was seen more often wearing it than not wearing it,” 50 Cent said of his protective gear, adding, “President Obama rides on it. He explained that he was using the same thing as the one that was used.

The rapper continues to work on various projects, including the TV adaptation of Eminem’s inspiration and “Safe Place,” Eminem’s “8 Mile.”

“I want to be able to create projects that stand out as multicultural projects, rather than black-only projects,” said 50 Cent. “If you want to create a project [with an] The all-white cast faces off against the greatest cinematography of all time. Because this movie has done very well for a long time. When we start offering different cultures, different people’s journeys, etc., we can do things that haven’t been done yet. And it may surprise you. It may be a step forward. “

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