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GOP Demands Dismissal Of Charges Against Man Arrested For Disrupting Biden’s SOTU

Republicans are seeking to have charges dropped against a man arrested for heckling President Joe Biden during his State of the Union address on Thursday, the New York Post reported.

Stephen Nikoi was arrested after interrupting Biden's speech. His arrest was expected to result in a $50 bail and $500 fine or jail time. according to to the New York Post. House Republicans have called for the charges to be dropped, saying it would be unfair to punish the father for his outcry over a personal and national tragedy. Rep. Mike Walz, R-Florida, also offered to pay fines related to the incident.

Nikoi's son, Marine Lance Corporal. Kareem Nikoi was killed by an ISIS-K suicide bomber during a chaotic evacuation from Kabul in 2021. According to the New York Post, the attack killed 13 military personnel and set off a relentless search for answers and accountability. (Related: Update: Everything you need to know about the Afghanistan bombing)

“They have the right to say, 'Where's that explanation?'” Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa said of the Gold Star family, as reported by the New York Post. “Where's that apology? Where's the legitimate investigation to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else's family?”

After posting bail, Nikoui was greeted with overwhelming support at the Dublin Restaurant in Washington, D.C., where family members of Gold Star Fellows gathered around him and praised his bravery. Gold Star's father, Darin Hoover, detailed Nikoui's ordeal to the New York Post. “He was taken away in handcuffs,” Hoover told the New York Post. “So we all sat there and waited and waited and waited and when he came in we welcomed him like a hero.”

“If you know Steve, he's a very Christian man,” Huber continued, adding that Nikoy was carrying a Bible during his arrest. I didn't get any of those answers…2 and a half years later, I still didn't get any. ”

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