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Governor Ron DeSantis Visits Southern Border in Arizona to Announce Nationwide Anti-Illegal Immigration Coalition

Governor DeSantis held a roundtable on border security efforts with sheriffs across the country whose communities have been affected by illegal immigration.

Sierra Vista, Arizona — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis traveled to the southern border and was greeted by sheriffs from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and across the country to communicate the urgent need for border security.

While in Arizona, DeSantis highlighted the success of Florida’s efforts to combat illegal immigration in the state and along its southern border. Florida’s border security blueprint includes new ways to combat cross-border human trafficking and drug trafficking, as well as relocation of illegal immigrants seeking transfer to so-called sanctuary states and cities. ing. Florida law enforcement is offering training to other states that want to follow Florida’s lead in protecting their citizens from the effects of Mr. Biden’s border crisis. For more information on training programs in Florida, visit click here.

“Joe Biden is derelict and refusing to defend our country’s borders,” he said. Governor Ron DeSantis. “In Florida, even as the federal government is on the job, we are moving forward. , with dedicated resources to divert immigrants to sanctuary jurisdictions.Today, we are taking Florida’s no-nonsense approach to border enforcement nationwide.”

To watch the governor’s full statement, click here. Video courtesy of Ron DeSantis Executive Office.

“Florida is leading the way in stopping chaos on the Southwest border and forcing Mr. Biden to follow safe immigration laws,” he said. Attorney General Ashley Moody. “We continue to take Mr. Biden down in federal court over his illegal mass release policy. and our great governor is strengthening state law to strengthen state law.” increase. “

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is not about politics. Sheriff Mark Danells, Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona.So thank you for all your work. We call on you and every governor, every sheriff, every law enforcement agency, prosecutor, county attorney, and mayor to work together to repair our borders, protect our borders, and take back America. I swear “

“The American people must stand up and take back their country because, frankly, we are losing the war,” he said. Sheriff Kieran Donahue, Sheriff of Canyon County, Idaho, Vice President of the National Association of Sheriffs. “It’s hard for me as a sheriff to stand in front of the military and the state and the people every day as vice president of the National Sheriff’s Association and say that we are doing well without this. We don’t have that because we don’t have a federal government to help us, so it’s very frustrating.”

“I want to thank my colleagues in Florida for making this journey, and I want to remind everyone that in the last few years we’ve all become border agents,” he said. Sheriff Corey Helton, Sheriff of Lee County, New Mexico, President of the Western State Sheriffs Association. “I am very grateful to you for recognizing that several major organizations are coming together…we have merged and I am very grateful to have you all joining us. I feel disappointed in the government, I feel my job as an elected sheriff is to protect the community that elected me as such, but we can’t do that. We can’t keep up.I want to thank you for your trip here.I definitely support your efforts and look forward to meeting and speaking with you in the future.”

“I can’t imagine what is going on for the people who live on our borders, because while our president and government remain silent and allow the people of this country to fall victim, Because I know what’s going on in other parts of the country.” Polk County Sheriff, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd said:. “That’s totally unacceptable. When people feel safe and secure, they thrive. And our great nation is doing great things. But we need to do that across America.” be.”

“In Florida, we could shut up and say, let’s fight in the backyard. Instead, we say, let’s fight in the front. Let’s join together, let’s unite.” Told. Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Sheriff of Brevard County, Florida. “That’s the story of this. Governor DeSantis asked us to put resources into putting our money in the mouth. He did it. He’s here today. , Florida is on board in this battle, stating that Florida understands that this is not just affecting communities in local Cochise County and other border areas. Thank you Governor, I am honored to stand with you and the Attorney General.”

“When most people come to the U.S. from the South, my little county probably isn’t their destination, but they come through us, and we I feel them,” he said. Sheriff PJ Allred, Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona. “When we run into them after chasing them in the desert, when they see us as law enforcement and the car stops, they run up to us as law enforcement to get away from the coyotes they were carrying. Thank you to everyone who came here and cared about our country, our freedoms, our rights.”

“You’re doing everything for Texas from Florida,” he said. Sheriff Thad Cleveland, Sheriff of Terrell County, Texas. “I served on the U.S. Commission Patrol for 26 years. I spent 10 years of my career here in Arizona. Thanks to the hard work of the men and women in the Guard, we now have the safest and most secure border that we have ever had two years ago, and the dismantling of that safe and secure border. It has been about six months since … We are benefiting from the support you have given us … Governor, thank you for coming.”

“I’m really proud of you because you’re not only willing to protect the people of Florida, but you’re sending people to Texas to protect the Texans. That says a lot about you.” said Sheriff Jim Skinner, Collin County Sheriff, Texas. “In Collin County, fentanyl-related deaths increased by 1,320% because of a tsunami of death and destruction flowing unimpeded across the southern border. It’s also because we’ve abandoned our responsibility to protect…it’s important for the American people to understand, so thank you for putting this in the spotlight.”

At a roundtable near the border in Sierra Vista, Arizona, where sheriffs from across the country whose communities have been affected by illegal immigration gathered, Governor DeSantis shared Florida’s successful anti-illegal immigration policies and practices interstate. It has announced that it will work with law enforcement agencies. America’s community grows. The effort includes training programs developed by the Florida Highway Patrol and the Florida National Guard’s Anti-Drug Task Force, which will be made available to law enforcement agencies across the country. The program describes Florida’s response to the Biden border crisis and trains law enforcement officers for multi-agency criminal interdiction.

The governor also commended the work of Florida law enforcement officers currently deployed to the border as part of Operation Lone Star, including a Florida law enforcement officer who recently helped arrest a fugitive executioner. Learn more about Operation Lone Star here. here.

Today’s announcement and continued commitment to Florida’s ground and air operations builds on Governor DeSantis’ previous actions to strengthen and lead the border security battle that President Biden has abandoned. be. These actions include:

  • In 2021, Florida law enforcement officers and equipment were sent to Texas to arrest thousands of illegal immigrants and assist in hundreds of criminal arrests for felonies such as human trafficking and drug smuggling.
  • Florida authorities issue an executive order prohibiting the resettlement assistance to Florida of illegal immigrants and prohibiting the licensing of facilities housing unaccompanied minors.
  • Sign a bill to ban government contracts with private entities that help the Biden administration resettle illegal immigrants to Florida.
  • Sign legislation requiring all public employers, contractors, and subcontractors seeking to enter into contracts with public employers to use E-Verify to determine employment eligibility.
  • Sued the Biden administration over illegal “catch and release” policies, spoke out when the administration announced plans to end Title 42, and humorously said pandemic controls and “emergency measures” were still needed at home also argues, while trying to abolish pandemic countermeasures. national borders.
  • Formed a strike force of state and local law enforcement to stop human smuggling and human trafficking and seize illegal weapons being transported through the state, and has committed thousands of felonies and more than 40 to date. of trafficking in persons, leading to more than 125 drug charges. and the seizure of over $2 million in illegal drugs.
  • He successfully petitioned the Florida Supreme Court to condemn a statewide grand jury to investigate the international trafficking networks that bring foreigners to the southern border and, ultimately, to Florida.
  • Set aside $24 million to facilitate the transfer of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard and other sanctuary jurisdictions, reduce congestion in border areas, and address border crises to communities that support Biden’s open-border policy brings the reality of
  • issued an executive order mobilizing state law enforcement and National Guard resources to help stop more than 10,000 immigrants from landing on Florida’s shores.and
  • Signed the country’s strongest anti-illegal immigration law. Requires employers with 25 or more employees to use E-Verify, imposes legally enforceable penalties on companies hiring illegal immigrants, strengthens penalties for smuggling, local governments to illegal immigrants ban the issuance of identity cards for , revoke ID cards issued to illegal immigrants in other states and require hospitals to collect and submit data on the costs of providing medical care to illegal immigrants.


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