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‘Hell Will Have No Fury’: Laura Ingraham Questions Timing Of Trump Indictment Ahead Of 2024 Election

Fox News host Laura Ingraham questioned the timing of indicting former President Donald Trump on charges related to the 2020 election.

After securing 37 indictments against Trump in June based on an alleged investigation into classified documents, Special Counsel Jack Smith said: Secured four prosecutions.Trump to face arraignment in federal court in Washington DC on August 3 (Related: ‘We crossed the Rubicon here’: Republican lawmakers call for impeachment of Garland following Trump indictment)

Ingraham said, “If the hurdles going forward are set this low, then Smith and Garland and all the prosecutors who pushed this fraud case are all putting it on Trump.” They will be treated the same,” he said.


“In the indictment, Smith’s office drama queens said, ‘Trump was determined to stay in power with a conspiracy to target the core functions of the U.S. federal government: gathering the results of the presidential election.’ ,” Ingraham continued. “Again, by the same logic, aggressive Republican lawyers may now argue that it is prosecutor Biden himself who is currently conspiring to target infrastructure functions of the U.S. government. He’s the 2024 presidential election.”

Ingraham then questioned the timing of the indictment a day after Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer spoke with investigators on the House Oversight Committee before surrendering himself to serve time. Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Archer told investigators that then-Vice President Joe Biden had spoken to his son, Hunter, “more than 20 times about business deals.”

“I have another question here. Why did it take Jack Smith’s office almost two years to file this indictment? Well, we all know why, right?” Ingraham said. said. “Because it is the political weapon that will be used most effectively as the 2024 election race heats up. Well, I want to tell you, but journalists in the know are so smitten with TLD that they even notice the sarcasm and double standards being directed at them. not.”

Ingraham has since accused the Justice Department of defending democracy and targeting those seeking to address corruption.

“Biden’s minions are not democracy defenders, they are democracy criminals,” Ingraham said. “The Department of Justice’s objectives here are very clear. You are standing in our way and threatening to root out corruption in Washington, DC. I will do whatever it takes to destroy you.”

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