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Here’s where it will be hottest this weekend

At the beginning of the month, a high-velocity band of high-speed winds known as the jet stream helped carry cold cyclones from the Pacific to northern California, but that is about to change.

The jet stream winds will begin to shift toward Idaho this weekend, pushing the low-pressure region away from California. A high pressure system from the southwest is then expected to take its place, making hot, muggy weather likely in the Bay Area this weekend.

buck the trend

As the jet stream moves away from Northern California this weekend, weather models predict a gradual weakening of the cold wind flow over the Bay Area. Fewer winds brushing off the coast and less fog carry less moisture into the San Francisco Bay.

With this change in pattern, residents of San Francisco, Oakland, and the Peninsula will likely see mostly clear, mild weather early into the weekend. Temperatures on Friday afternoon are expected to reach the high 60s on the coast and the mid-70s on the Gulf. Inland residents such as Walnut Creek and Gilroy can expect daytime highs of just over 80 degrees.

And when the low pressure moves away from the Bay Area, a high pressure system forms.

U.S. weather models predict that the heat dome centered on Arizona and Nevada will once again extend into the Central Valley from Saturday through Sunday. Bay Area residents can expect daytime temperatures to soar by the end of the week, up to 15 degrees Celsius, unless the jet stream winds blow a low pressure system onto the coast.

Most inland residents expect daytime highs in the low 90s by Saturday and in the high 90s by Sunday. For residents of Livermore, Concord, Fairfield and Vacaville, temperatures reaching triple digits are no exception. Most of California’s interior will see another weekend of moderate heat hazards, with highs in the 105-110 degrees range across the Central Valley.

what about the coast?

Weather models are predicting temperatures in the low 70s along the San Francisco Bay this weekend, despite an area of ​​strong anticyclone in Northern California. Natural air conditioning from ocean breezes will still manage to break through the heat, blowing into San Francisco, Oakland, and much of the Delta in the afternoon.

If these ocean winds continue to push against the high-pressure ridge, they may manage to cool the Gulf Coast until early next week when the jet stream turns back toward California.

By Monday, weather models predict the jet stream will bend back toward the Bay Area and Central Valley, pushing heat back toward the Southern California desert from the ridges this weekend.


European weather models predict that the jet stream will begin to bend toward northern California again by Monday. When that happens, fast winds will pick up right over the Bay Area. And those winds will help push cold, foggy “fog” air back into the region.

weekend breakdown

San Francisco: West San Francisco can get a typical fog and haze on Friday morning, but mostly cloudy skies east of the Sutro Tower. Friday afternoon will be sunny with highs in the low 60s in Twin Peaks and Diamond Heights, and highs in the mid 60s in Pacific Heights, the Embarcadero, the Outer Sunset District and the Richmond District. Downtown and residents of SOMA, Mission and Castro are expected to see highs in the low 70s before winds pick up along the market after 3 p.m. Most residents living downwind of the zone can expect cloudy nights and cool lows in the mid-50s.

The veil of fog will gradually dissipate this weekend, leading to sunny and warm weather. San Francisco residents can expect daytime temperatures to hit the low 70s on Saturday and Sunday, about 3 to 5 degrees above the August average.

Around Chrissie Field, Pier 39 and Ocean Beach, winds typically hit up to 30 mph between 1pm and 6pm, and subside in the evening. Nighttime temperatures are expected to hover in the high 50s this weekend.

East Bay: Heavy fog is forming in the Oakland and Berkeley hills Friday morning. Residents of Alameda, Richmond, Fremont, and Hayward will expect mostly cloudy skies with some afternoon sun. Daytime highs are expected to reach the low 70s along the coast on Friday. Warm, dry weather arrives in the Gulf region this weekend, with sunshine pouring in and highs in the high 70s, rising to 80s on the hillsides by Sunday.

Residents east of the Caldecott Tunnel can expect mostly sunny skies and temperatures of 10 degrees this weekend. Expect highs in the mid to high 80s on Friday in the Walnut Creek, Pleasanton and Dublin Tri-Valley areas, followed by a rise to the low 90s on Saturday and Sunday. Residents of Livermore, Brentwood, and Concord could experience 100-degree heat after 3:00 p.m. until delta winds cool. After sunset, expect clear skies and nighttime lows in the 60s.

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