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Hollywood A-List Actress Kate Beckinsale Admits To Flashing In Public, Making Prank Calls To Cope With Grief

Kate Beckinsale took to social media on Monday to reveal how she's coping with grief.

Beckinsale recently relied on humor and friendship to get her through a particularly tough time. video She posted a picture of herself sticking out her bum in London department store Harvey Nichols, which she believes was an impulsive move born out of a need to lighten the mood after receiving some very distressing news and the death of her beloved cat, Clive.

“The day after Clive passed away I woke up the next morning to the most horrifying news I've ever heard. Sometimes your friends turn up at their best and you can't do anything but spend the night making prank calls and sticking your bum out to Harvey Nichols,” Beckinsale wrote in the caption. (RELATED: Superstar actress Kate Beckinsale slams media, says she's not going to “make a fool of” herself to avoid offense)

“Sometimes when your world comes crashing down and the only response after crying until you feel sick is to stick your hands in your ass. @nina_kate I will never forget when you jumped into the fire with me,” she added.

Beckinsale's approach resonated with many of her followers, who praised her for using humor as a coping mechanism — a connection that was evident in the supportive comments from fans who appreciated her willingness to publicly share such a personal moment.

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 24: Kate Beckinsale attends the 2024 Netflix Screen Actors Guild Awards Celebration at the Chateau Marmont on February 24, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images via Netflix)

“She needed a laugh. Keep it up, Kate,” one fan commented on her post. “I love how you use humour to overcome trauma, no matter how ridiculous it may be,” another said.

The actress has spoken publicly about devastating losses over the past year, including the death of her father-in-law, Roy Battersby. according to To Fox News.

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