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Hollywood Stars Take Sides After Presidential Debate

Hollywood stars were quick to react to the June 27 presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Celebrities had a lot to say about what was by all accounts a disastrous debate for Biden. Democratic celebrity Barbra Streisand weighed in on the conversation by defending Biden and blaming the moderator for allowing Trump to change the subject at his whim, while Caitlyn Jenner attacked Biden for attacking his mental state. Famous rapper Ja Rule He was completely unimpressed with either candidate and expressed disappointment in both.

“This can't be our only candidate option…” [face palm emoji] “What the heck,” he said on Twitter.

Stars lashed out, and their comments were widely viewed by the millions of followers they influence with each post.

Roseanne Barr She predictably endorsed Trump, but offered some sympathy for Biden's apparent mental breakdown.

“I'm pro-MAGA and pro-America but I take no joy in this debate,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Biden is obviously not here, which is sad. Obama sacrificed his friends to push his radical agenda and I don't want anyone celebrating after this,” Barr said. “Trump is obviously the better choice, but let's take this moment to pray for the country instead.”

Star Wars alumni Mark Hamill He offered a fierce defense of Biden, suggesting this was a one-off bad night for the current president.

“The events of one night do not change the fact that Joe Biden is the most legislatively successful president of our lifetime,” he wrote on X.

“A night's rest does not change the fact that the former defendant is a convicted felon, a habitual liar and a rapist who is unfit for any office. Period.”

Bette Midler In a series of social media posts immediately after the debate, he offered unwavering support for Biden.

“Joe Biden answered questions and Trump never did. He fudged, dodged, dodged and lied. Biden, his voice weakened by the cold, answered questions softly but calmly. I leaned in to hear him clearly,” she wrote to X.

Streisand He expressed dissatisfaction with how the moderators handled the debate.

“What's wrong with these two hosts forcing Trump to change the subject? They ask him a question, then let him rant about something else. Not fair!”

Jenner She was one of the most outspoken and passionate stars to ever voice her opinions publicly.

“Joe Biden has completely failed and is clearly in major mental decline. Vote accordingly!”
@TeamTrump Maga [American flag emojis]” she wrote on Twitter.

There's no denying that Biden struggled to answer questions throughout the debate, appearing to lose his train of thought entirely at one point. His words were nearly inaudible, and he spoke in a raspy, weak voice throughout the evening. (RELATED: Macklemore Says 'Hardly' to Vote for Biden in Pro-Palestinian Song)

flash CNN According to reports, Trump outperformed Biden overall in the June 27 debate.

The country is expected to announce its final decision within four months.

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