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Hot Potato: NYC Shipping Migrants Out With One-Way Plane Tickets Because There’s ‘No More Room’

New York City is offering free tickets to leave the nation’s largest metropolitan area because it lacks space for immigrants, a spokesperson for the city told The City.

The city has opened a “re-ticketing center” to provide migrants with air tickets to destinations around the world. according to To the city. This policy provides New York City with a cheaper solution than protecting immigrants over the long term. according to To Politico.

Since the city began evicting some foreign nationals after 30 days, the program is giving migrants a place to go after being kicked out of city shelters, the city announced. report. (Related: Exclusive: Border officials count Palestinian immigrants as other nationalities)

“There is no indication that a decompression strategy will be implemented in the near future, so we have established a reissue center for immigrants,” Kayla Mamelak, a spokeswoman for New York City Hall, told New York City. “Here, the city will redouble its efforts to purchase tickets to help immigrants take the next step in their journey. And it will help us triage operations in Roosevelt for new arrivals. Masu.”

Top Shot – January 31, 2023: Migrants camp outside their former hotel, resisting the city’s efforts to move them to an asylum seeker facility in Brooklyn, in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. . (ED photo) Jones/AFP via Getty Images)

The city has about 65,000 immigrants in its care, said Anne Williams-Isom, deputy mayor for Health and Human Services. Said Tuesday.

“Being outside the room means being outside the room.” Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams Said reporters on Tuesday. “Every year, my relatives come over for Thanksgiving and they all want to sleep at my house. There’s no room anymore. That’s where we are now.”

But Adams has faced pushback from city officials who are not satisfied with his policies. “What we’ve seen from this administration is that even though they’re not directly saying, ‘Get out of here,’ they consistently create hysteria and chaos and confusion and use a tone of inclusivity. That’s not true,” New York City Councilmember Shahana Hanif said in an interview, according to Politico.

From April 2022 to April 2023, Adams spent $50,000 to transport 114 immigrant families to countries in South America, Texas and Florida, and one family to China, Politico reported. report The information was obtained through a freedom of information request in June.

A large flow of immigrants illegally entering the United States continues at the northern and southern borders. By 2023, the number of illegal crossings nationwide will exceed 2 million. according to to federal data.

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