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House GOP Caucus releases platform for 2024 session

The Alabama House Republican Caucus announced “Leadership that Works” on Monday. Under the legislative platform, the agency's Republican lawmakers detailed the issues they unanimously agreed to prioritize in the 2024 regular session.

“Since Republicans took control of the Legislature, Alabama’s economy has performed historically well, leading the nation in employment and economic development, and with record levels of funding for public schools. The policies we pass reflect the conservative values ​​that many of us hold,'' said House Majority Leader Scott Stadthagen. “All the evidence conclusively proves that Republican leadership is leadership that works, and these priorities will ensure that this fact remains true for years to come. .”

The list of legislative priorities was compiled by the House Republican Caucus Platform Committee, appointed by Stadhagen and chaired by state Rep. Randall Shedd (R-Fairview). Members of the House Republican supermajority ratified the platform unanimously during winter recess.

“These issues represent the conservative beliefs, principles and ideals that our Republican House members were elected by their voters to represent, propose and pass,” Shedd said, adding that “we We are united in our confidence to advance these priorities throughout the 2024 regular session.” It will make an already great situation even better. ”

Issues highlighted by the House Republican Caucus “Leadership that Works” The “Bold Conservative Plan for Alabama’s Future” platform includes:

  • Ensuring Fair Elections in Alabama
  • Delivering a quality education to every child in Alabama
  • Strengthening and continuing Alabama's historic economy
  • Keep Alabama the most militarily friendly state in the nation
  • Keeping Alabama safe and building safer communities
  • Promoting and prioritizing “Made in Alabama” products
  • protect children from harm
  • Demanding state government rationalization and fiscal responsibility

Bills reflecting each of the platform's topics will be sponsored, introduced, and passed by House Republicans during the session.

“Chairman Shedd and the members of the Platform Committee deserve special recognition for the hard work, time, and travel they have put into establishing 'functional leadership.'” Hagen said. “Republican members of the Alabama House of Representatives are some of the most dedicated public servants anywhere in the nation, and Alabamians are fortunate to have such selfless men and women represented in Montgomery.”

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In addition to Mr. Shedd, members of the House Republican Caucus Platform Committee include state Rep. Cynthia Almond of Tuscaloosa, state Rep. Jim Carnes of Vestavia Hills, state Rep. Brett Easterbrook of Fruitdale, and state Rep. Brett Easterbrook of Loxley. State Representative Donna Givens. State Rep. Steve Hurst of Munford, State Rep. Jamie Keel of Russellville, State Rep. James Lomax of Huntsville, State Rep. Ginny Shaver of Citronelle, State Rep. Jeff Sorrels of Hartford, and State Rep. Jeff Sorrels of Hayden. State Representative David Standridge.

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