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How long are Republicans going to do this to themselves?

Of course, Katie Britt was acting.

How could I have expected anything else?

The performance itself was probably a bit shocking to the senses, similar to what you'd see on Hallmark Channel's Under the Gazebo at Christmas time, but the fact that Britt was acting didn't surprise anyone. Sho. That is not the case at this time.

An entire half-sound group of Republicans has spent the better part of the past two decades pretending to believe incredibly stupid things to get cheap votes, and in return suffered public ridicule. Ta.

i know it. You know. they know it.

None of these Republicans who we consider to be somewhat normal actually believe 75 percent of the bull feces that effortlessly spews out of their mouths these days.

They don't believe that Donald Trump really won in 2020. Nor do I believe that our borders are in real crisis every two or four years. They don't believe that Trump is a terrible person, unfit to lead a prison gang, much less to lead a country.

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They don't think librarians are a bigger threat to kids than handguns. They don't think DEI and CRT are real issues. They do not believe that embryos, frozen or not, are actually children.

But damn, they really need the votes of rubes who believe those things and who can be trusted to react to such racism and fear mongering so reliably. Masu.

They have no real policy or deep thinking. They have few principles to guide them, and the ones they do have are all too often undermined by the pandering they are forced to do to win votes from deplorable people.

In short, they've all become Katie Britt at the kitchen table.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not excusing Britt's performance. Absolutely not. What I'm trying to say is that, outside of some infomercial-level acting work, it wasn't particularly unique for today's Republicans. They are still trying to placate MAGA delusions while portraying to insane people that they have working brain cells.

You're trying to land somewhere between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mitt Romney. Crazy enough to avoid major challenges, but not so much that people with serious money will avoid you.

So far, Britt has done it very well. And most of the time, the fact that she's actually a decent, intelligent person slips under the MAGA crowd's radar.

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Thursday was to be her first real test. We know the outcome.

But to be honest, I wonder what would have happened if the Republicans had “won” in that situation. Let's be real here, there's not much to work on.

President Biden may be “sleepy” and you can say the guy has dementia if you want, but someone in the Republican Party should at some point explain why that sleepy old man with dementia keeps ranting. Dew.

Biden has trapped the Republican Party in a small box, and his handling of the immigration debate essentially shuts off all exits.

There is no way to attack him on the economy. His response to the post-pandemic world has been nothing short of admirable. The United States has recovered faster and better than any other country in the world.

We have record job growth that continues to surprise economists and defy expectations. We also recorded the highest rate of wage growth in U.S. history. And for the first time in 50 years, wage inequality in this country has actually narrowed.

The bottom 60 percent of income earners in this country now earn nearly 5 percent more than they did before President Biden took office, and certainly this is adjusted for inflation. What's really remarkable is that the bottom 20 percent of earners actually experienced the biggest wage increases, nearly 7 percent.

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The outlook for the coming years is equally strong, as interest rates are expected to fall steadily, spurring a further boom in real estate and construction.

Given this reality, all Republicans have left are scare tactics: libraries, DEI, and borders. Especially because the border is where there are scary brown people who speak a different language.

The problem is that borders have been a complex political issue for decades. To patch it, even for a short period of time, serious people will need to write and pass new laws and regulations. A bipartisan group of serious people, including Mr. Britt, did just that, crafting a bipartisan border package deal that had the support of the Border Patrol.

And after Biden encouraged Congress to send the border to him, Republicans voted against it and abolished it, in response to Trump's desire to use the border as a campaign issue.

When Britt sat down at her kitchen table Thursday night, all that was left of her was a suffocating lie about a 20-year-old sex-trafficking story (in a sane world, this is It would be evidence that we should do more to advocate for immigrants (protect immigrants, rather than close them).

It was exactly what we expected. And the only question all of us, including Republicans like Britt, should have now is how long will Republicans who know better tolerate this national ridicule without taking a stand for truth and decency? The question is whether they intend to continue being exposed.

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