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‘I Can’t See Home Plate’: Yankee Fans Nearly Scrap It Out Over Annoying Little Kid Standing In The Front Row

Ah, Yankees fans… they never change.

During the Subway Series between the New York Yankees and New York Mets, fighting broke out on the field while skirmishes between fans broke out in the upper levels of Citi Field.

During a recent game between the Yankees and Mets, a fan uploaded a TikTok video of two Yankees fans arguing over a boy wearing an Aaron Judge jersey who was standing in the front row of their seats. One Yankees fan didn't like his view being blocked, and the other happened to be the boy's father.

“Step back!” an adult yelled at a child in frustration. “Umpire, sit down! I can't see home base.”

“Shut up!” his father retorted, turning around. (RELATED: Guardians prospect Jonkensy Noel, who was just called up to the program, puts in a great performance in his first career at-bat)

“You have to see right through him,” the man said. “I can't see home plate!”

“Grow up!” his father yelled back.

“Grow up? Come on. Teach your kids,” said the man who couldn't see home plate. “Don't yell at them. Tell them to sit down.”

It really is an amazing sight… just what any Yankees fan would expect.


translation: Who's to blame?🤔 #baseball #mets #Yankees #AaronJudge #new york #Sports ♬ Original Sound – stephedwards99

And of course, the child's father that …beer belly butt. (LOL)

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