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‘I Consider Rivalries Close Games’: 49ers’ Deebo Samuel Nixes Idea That Eagles Are Rivals

This guy seems to be speaking up!

In recent memory, the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles have been two of the top teams not only in the NFC but in the entire NFL. Last season, the two teams met in the conference championship, with the Birds dominating the game. 31-7 Explosion.

Brock Purdythe Niners quarterback was forced into the starting quarterback role after both games. jimmy garoppolo and trey lance He collapsed due to injury. Purdy ended the season with win after win, ultimately leading San Francisco to his NFC Championship. (Related: Super Bowl gambling is breaking records and destroying previous records — not even close)

Purdy eventually went down with an injury, but this game appeared to be the beginning of a rivalry between the 49ers and Eagles. But according to San Francisco's superstar wide receiver, deebo samuel,That's not true.

Speaking to reporters Monday during the opening night celebrations of Super Bowl LVIII, Samuel was asked about the rivalry with Philadelphia. Well, Devo wasn't playing it.

“I consider the rivalry to be a close one. I'm not going to talk about it anymore. It's over.”

Is it me or is Devo a very disgusting guy?

He just has that look on his face and his barking doesn't help the cause either.

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