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‘I Don’t See Any Hope’: Carville Warns Dems Making ‘Idiotic Choice’ To Stick With Biden As Nominee

Democratic strategist James Carville spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, warning Democrats that continuing to support President Joe Biden as the party's nominee would be a “foolish choice” and criticizing their losing position.

Carville appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” to discuss his argument that Biden shouldn't run against former President Donald Trump for president in 2024. Cooper asked Carville about his thoughts on some Democrats supporting Biden and the veteran political strategist's previous comments that he thinks Biden will drop out of the race. (Related: Cook Political Report delivers more bad news for Biden campaign following debate disaster)

“She [Sen. Patty Murray] “He came out and said these are his words, not something people say on camera. So I think I still stand by my position that he's not running, but if he runs, we're just making a stupid choice for the future of our country. I can't help but think that. The results prove it. They're taking the state away from us. We're losing. We're not winning. And if we lose, America loses. That's it,” Carville said.

Anderson later confronted Carville about Biden's poor debate performance, sparking concerns about the president's mental health and leading some Democrats to call for Biden to resign.

“So I've done one teleprompter performance. What am I going to do when I have another debate scheduled for September 10th? What am I going to do — I missed the German chancellor because I was at a NATO meeting and had to sleep,” Carville continued.

“I just think, you're right, is there a risk in trying to change direction? Of course, there is a risk in everything. But with risk comes hope. At this point, we've always been the party of hope. Hope, a place called hope, a dealer leader of hope, and I have a dream and I keep hope alive. And I don't see any hope in the Democratic Party right now. I see a lot of fear and a lot of voices saying, 'If we try anything different, we'll end up in a ditch.' Well, we're already in a ditch, but we should try to get out of it, not dig into it. But I agree with everything everyone says. We have to make a change. I really think so.”

A post-debate poll showed Trump's lead over Biden had doubled and support for the former president continued to grow among voters, according to an Emerson College poll released Tuesday. Quote Trump leads Biden by four points, with the former president favored by 46% of voters, compared with 42% for Biden and 11% who are undecided.

While Democrats have stepped up calls for Biden to withdraw, citing concerns that it could harm their own race, Biden-Harris campaign co-chair Lisa Blunt Rochester later told Cooper that voters still supported Biden and blamed the president for the confusing “narrative.”

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