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‘I Was Stunned’: California Lottery Player Goes To Work Without Realizing He’d Bought Winning $1 Million Ticket

A man became a billionaire by winning the $1 million lottery ticket in the California state lottery on Wednesday, but went to work before he found his fortune, local station ABC10 reported.

Van Cha is a regular California Lottery player, according to ABC10. After reading about the odds of winning another ticket, he purchased a $30 California 200X Scratcher instead of the regular Superlotto his plus his ticket.

The Sacramento man won $500 off his $30 California 200X ticket. He spent his first income on 30 $10 Extreme Multiplier Scratchers at Mike’s Liquor’s on Southland Park Drive, according to the media. (Related: Poor Indian woman wins over $1 million after pooling for $3 lottery ticket)

Afterwards, Cha went to work and scraped off 20 tickets, but didn’t win a dime, ABC10 reported. Mr. Cha then went to work and he didn’t start chipping away at the remaining 10 tickets until he got home later that day.

According to the media, the last line of the final ticket contained a lucky number leading to Cha’s prize of $1 million.

“I was stunned! I scanned it with a lottery app to make sure it was true, and it was,” Cha told ABC10.

This isn’t the first time California lottery players have gotten lucky in recent weeks. The owner of Las Palmitas Minimart in Los Angeles won $1 million for being recognized as the retailer that sold $1.08 billion worth of Powerball championship tickets in July. Lottery officials awarded the check to Mabor Herrera, who ran the store for seven years.

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