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Iconic Rapper Lil Jon Releasing Meditation Album: REPORT

Lil Jon is reportedly releasing a new album, but it's quite different from what his fans are used to.

Music industry sources say the famous artist has recorded a meditation album, but it's a far cry from his famous song “Turn Down For What.” According to , Lil Jon has recorded a relaxing new album that is a direct reflection of the new direction his personal life has taken. TMZ.

The famous artist has reportedly been focusing on her health, making fitness and wellness a top priority in her daily life for quite some time. According to TMZ, clean living and overall health are top priorities for the star, and this genre shift is an extension of his current lifestyle.

The meditation album may catch many fans off guard, as it deviates from the signature sound that made him famous. Lil Jon is best known for his hit songs “Turn Down for What” and “Get Low.”

Those wondering what the new track will sound like won't have to wait long. Lil Jon will reportedly release a 10-track album on February 16th. (Related: Justin Timberlake teases fans with new song)

The star is rumored to be performing with Usher during the Super Bowl halftime show, but details of the performance have not yet been revealed.

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