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IDF Shares Graphic Footage Of Alleged Hamas Members Beating Up Gazan Civilians

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Friday released graphic footage of alleged Hamas members assaulting starving Gaza civilians.

The IDF claims that while Israel makes “tremendous efforts” to ensure aid reaches civilians in the Gaza Strip, Hamas is stealing aid and hiding it from Gaza civilians. Tweet. (Related: Anti-Israel protesters allegedly stormed Capitol building and vandalized Democratic office on July 4th)

According to a tweet from the IDF, Gaza civilians claim that the masked men seen beating and detaining them in the video are members of Hamas. The Israeli military said the crime the civilians allegedly committed was “attempting to break into a warehouse where humanitarian aid is being stored.”

The video begins with a masked man spray-painting the word “Thief” in Arabic on the backs of blindfolded people. In the background, masked men can be seen beating the blindfolded man with the spray-painted word with sticks. The blindfolded man can be heard screaming in pain. A second man can be seen being hit in the same way.

“They are [Hamas] “They are thieves, thieves of humanity, corrupt and the truth is written, they are destined to disappear because terrorism is necessarily temporary,” IDF Arab spokesman Lt. Col. Avichai Adraei tweeted alongside the same graphic video.

Graphic Video:

Hamas officials have been caught on camera beating and shooting Gaza civilians accused of participating in looting, the BBC reports. reportHamas has executed dozens of Gaza residents to quell political disputes in areas where the IDF has withdrawn, local sources told the outlet. Discontent with the terror group has become even more visible on the streets of Gaza. “People are saying things like, 'Hamas destroyed us,' and even asking God to take our lives,” one man told the BBC.

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