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‘I’m F*cking Done’: Texas Man Gets 10 Years For Shooting Wife In Head

The man who shot his wife in the head was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the New York Post reported Friday.

Carrie Birmingham, 60, is sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of his wife, Patricia. The incident was caught on camera. according to to the New York Post. The incident occurred in December 2021 after a heated argument over allegations of infidelity. Birmingham then shot Patricia three times outside her home.

The argument further escalated after Birmingham discovered his wife's infidelity. Just before pulling the trigger, Birmingham can be heard telling Patricia, “You will meet Jesus.” “I hope it was worth it,” he said in the article. video, obtained from ABC 13. “It's over, it's over.”

Birmingham entered the guilty plea in court in front of an all-female jury, ABC 13 reported. Defense attorney Anthony Osso noted that the defense was not trying to justify Birmingham's actions, but rather to explain the circumstances that led to the incident, calling it a crime of passion. (Related article: Man convicted of murdering wife after leaning on her while children opened Christmas presents)

But the couple's daughter Olivia strongly disputes the idea that her father's actions were a spur-of-the-moment decision driven by sudden passion. “I lost my parents that day. My father died that day, too, because the person who did that to my mom and dad is not the same person,” Olivia told ABC 13.

“I don't know, sudden passion? There has to be something,” her daughter continued, ABC 13 reported. “I had to make that decision within myself for a while. You want to do something for someone you really love.”

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