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‘Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom’ Actor Ahmed El-Shenawi Dies At 75

Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Shennawy, known for his role in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” died on February 1st at the age of 75 in Chelsea, London, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reported.

The actor's daughter Eman El-Shenawy confirmed his death to THR. She announced that El-Shennawy's death was due to complications from surgery to repair a broken bone, which ultimately led to a fatal infection and sepsis. THR. El Shenawy's portrayal in “Temple of Doom” featured exotic and unusual dishes in a banquet scene that showcased his acting skills.

In addition to playing the role of Surprise Snake in Steven Spielberg's 1984 classic, El Shenawy's filmography also includes roles such as The Prisoner Who Gets a Radio in Midnight Express (1978) and Lars This includes roles in von Trier's film “Therapist.'' “Elements of Crime” (1984), the paper said. (Related: 'Once Upon a Time' actor Chris Gauthier dies at age 48)

“I think his short but shocking moment of fame resonated with a lot of people,” his daughter said, THR reported.

Beyond his acting career, El-Shenawy lived a rich life full of diverse experiences. According to THR, he is one of six children and grew up in a household where his love for Christmas and Western holidays was influenced by his father's profession as a chef. After completing his business degree, he moved to London in 1971 and worked for the BBC's Arabic service, becoming known as a voice for Arab listeners around the world. His passion for acting led him to join the British Actors' Equity Association and expand his roles on stage and screen.

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