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Influencer Becomes ‘Emotional Support Stripper’ In Ukraine

A Texas pageant star-turned-influencer is now an “emotional support stripper” in Ukraine, according to a post. Daily Beast.

Huang Pei Kung, from Houston, immigrated to Ukraine during the war and developed a close relationship with Ukrainian soldiers. She now considers herself a “sex tourist.” Kun created a free OnlyFans account for Ukrainian soldiers, volunteers, and occasionally civilians who can cheer.

A true wartime hero.

Below are just a few of her heroic lines from her OnlyFans account. “I’m a globetrotting girlfriend currently volunteering in Kharkov”, “I make content about everything from free breastfeeding to soldiers and volunteers with emotion. ”, “I am a sexy girl who wants to volunteer in Ukraine and will probably participate in volunteer work” outside. “

I feel like I have a sexually transmitted disease just reading this article.

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