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Intruders Flee As Jada Pinkett Smith Sees Them Climb Into Her Balcony: REPORT

Jada Pinkett Smith faced a terrifying incident when two men tried to break into her Los Angeles home, TMZ reported on Saturday.

Two intruders entered her balcony just before 8 p.m. according to To TMZ. The individuals were wearing hoodies and attempted to enter the home without permission. However, the presence of Pinkett Smith thwarted their plans. The 'Girls' Trip' star took action as soon as she noticed the would-be robbers and stopped them from going any further. Law enforcement was immediately alerted to the situation, but by the time officers arrived, the suspect had disappeared, leaving no trace.

TMZ reports that the attempted break-in raises questions about whether Pinkett Smith was specifically targeted or whether it was just part of a broader criminal operation targeting wealthy neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It's causing it. Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident in view of growing concerns over a recent spate of break-ins that have affected prominent figures in the region. (Related: Robbers loot Lena Waithe's home and steal $200,000 in jewelry: Report)

Pinkett Smith has been living apart for several years, while maintaining a cordial relationship with her husband Will Smith, especially after the high-profile incident at the Oscars. The newspaper said it was unclear whether Pinkett-Smith had her companions or was alone at the time of her break-in.

Pinkett Smith's home invasion incident has recently led to similar criminals, including Lee Byung Hun, star of “The Squid Game,” actress Lena Waithe, model Abigail Latchford, and the famous Keanu Reeves. Her name has been added to the list of celebrities targeted. According to TMZ, she is based in Los Angeles.

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