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Investigate Mohave County | MoveOn

Mohave County/Mohave County law enforcement should be asked to investigate corruption. I do not intend to bring this petition into local internal affairs. Because they and other countries may be corrupt as well. Once you have all the required signatures, make copies and send them to the U.S. Department of Justice/Civil Rights Division, the ACLU, and any other government agency that accepts this petition. I might try International Dateline as well.

They arrest people on false charges. They harass people not because they are doing anything wrong, but because they simply don't like them. They would do a better job if they were actually arresting people who are actually committing crimes. A few years ago, I was listening to a local talk radio show and the announcer said, “The Bullhead City Police Department is a disgrace. They break laws and commit crimes just to arrest people they don't like.” . It was available for everyone to hear on public radio. I've done research on corruption there, but only going back to the 1980s. I also talked to a former police officer over there, and he told me a few things as well.

When you sign this petition, please share your stories of harassment and false accusations here so we can back them up. One of the prosecutors there was caught forging documents and should have been fired, but he wasn't. Need to investigate.

Why is this important?

Concerning Mohave County, Arizona and its law enforcement agencies

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