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Investigators digging into Nichole Hyatt’s online presence as case turns into criminal investigation | News

ABRA VALLEY, Ariz. (KVOA) – Officials tell News 4 Tucson the search and rescue for Nicole Hyatt was completed Friday and authorities have turned to a criminal investigation.

Nicole's parents told News 4 Tucson that the Arizona Department of Public Safety is currently in possession of Nicole's cell phone and that the Pima County Sheriff's Office has executed a search warrant for her Instagram account. Ta.

Local residents have been visiting Orameh Park to help search for Nicole while investigators look into her social media presence.

It's been nearly three days since 14-year-old Nicole Hyatt was last seen at her home on North Springfield Road in Abra Valley.

Her parents now say they have filed a lawsuit with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“Everyone's looking for you, girl, please come home!” Nicole's mother, Savannah Hiatt, urged.

Nicole's mother is heartbroken, and so are the members of her supportive community.

Search teams use maps to visit every zip code.

“We went to the ranch. We looked under discarded blankets, we looked for footprints. We talked to people who were out riding their bikes. We looked to see if they had seen her. “I tried to do it,” said the volunteer who didn't want to go. be identified.

We will do whatever it takes.

While the search team was out, Nicole's parents were trying to access the cell phone she had left behind.

“We believe there is an answer to the call. She was in touch,” Savannah said. “We don't believe she was walking where she is now. We believe someone came to pick her up. We don't know the circumstances behind her where she left.”

However, trying to unlock Nicole's iPhone is proving difficult.

“Apple said cell phones are dead, and the only way to keep them useful is to erase everything,” said Clayton Hyatt, Nicole's father.

Despite the obstacles, search teams are using every means at their disposal to find Nicole.

“Oh, the community was amazing,” said Tassar Campbell, a woman who joined the search party.

And her parents haven't given up and hope she hears their message.

“If you're outside, please go home. Show me something and give me a way,” Clayton begged.

Those wishing to assist in the search efforts can go to Oramae Regional Park in Marana (13250 N Ron Adams Road) 9 a.m. every day until Nicole was found.

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