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Israel Releases Footage Of The Daring Operation That Freed Two Hostages

The State of Israel on Monday released footage of an actual operation to free two hostages held by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

According to Times of Israel military correspondent Emmanuel Fabian, the footage released was taken from above of the moment the two hostages, Fernando Simon Mallman and Norbert Louis Herr, were rescued. Both cases involve body camera video that includes audio. (Related: Report: More than 20 percent of hostages left in Gaza died)

“The Israel Defense Forces has released new footage from a nighttime hostage rescue operation in Rafah, southern Gaza. The footage shows special forces under artillery fire and the Navy's Shayetet 13 special forces unit. “He is seen accompanying Fernando Simon Merman and Norberto Luis Herr to the helipad on the Strip,” Fabian said. he tweeted along with the footage.

The video begins with one of the soldiers saying in Hebrew: “The hostages are in our hands,” adding: “There is gunfire aimed at our troops.” During the operation, aerial footage was seen of the building as soldiers exited it. Another soldier was heard reporting that “troops have begun moving along the route” and are “taking a retreat.” APC footage could be seen along with an announcement that the hostages were “healthy and healthy.” The footage then included body camera footage of a soldier sitting across from the freed hostages at the APC and asking them how they were feeling.

One of the freed hostages responded, “Shock, shock, I'm fine.” Fabian said in a tweet that officers gave Ha a shoe and tied his shoelaces, considering Ha was “rescued barefoot.” In the video, both Herr and Merman were given coats and offered water and blankets. “It's warm. Our hearts are warm,” they replied when we declined the offer of a blanket. An officer told the released men that they would be transferred from the APC to the police. helicopter I was immediately taken to the hospital.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the rescue operation for the two men took place on Sunday in a nighttime raid in the city of Rafah. IDF spokesman Maj. Gen. Daniel Hagari said there were still 134 hostages in the Gaza Strip as of Monday. After Merman and Herr were hospitalized, they were reunited with her loved ones, a video provided by Fabian revealed.

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